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  Samanvay March 19

40 of us from 20+ development organizations from across the spectrum came together in the spirit of cultivating harmony. Sanchi opened the circle quoting Sheela Didi from BrahmaVidya Mandir that when five sticks come together, it’s difficult to break them. When there is strength in togetherness in lifeless sticks, imagine five conscious beings with their full conscience coming together! Remembering Ishwar dada and the broom- symbol of internal and external sanitation, another volunteer ref... read full story

Posted by Kishan Laddha on May 28, 2019 | permalink

  Last Scene Of The Drama :)

We share gratitude on behalf of many in America, who are grateful for Arun Dada's visit -- just after his first circle. :) Last Wednesday, Arun Dada spoke at our Awakin Circle, as Professor Pandya elegantly translated! He opened with a Kabir song, with a translation -- and by the time he closed with a song, none of us even needed to know the meaning. Moved by Love. So many touching transformations. He has a growing list of invites, to build on his already overflowing itinerary. Jiggy h... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 22, 2019 | permalink

  Arun Dada Lands In America! :)

What a joy to receive Arun Dada and Jignasha in America today! See some photos here. He arrived with first-class karma (courtesy of Jiggy insisting on him using a wheelchair :)). Audrey raced up to go touch his feet (later, at dinner, he gave a new name to Audrey -- "OldTree"). Bradley offered him a hand-made heart pin! We all hugged, bowed, laughed, and felt so grateful. Ari came by with his own version of a pin for Arun Dada and Jignasha that read: Love is the Answer. We did a par... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 17, 2019 | permalink

  The Cocoon Of Love

Parikshit (18 years), saw a video of Seva Café and Udai bhai on history channel and was moved by the idea of "gift it forward". He decided to offer tuition to students from needy background without any fixed fee – whatever one can offer, he would accept with grace. Initially people made fun of him, a year later one of his student got first rank in one of the toughest entrance exam in the district. Ever since watching the video, he wished to visit Seva Café and mee... read full story

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Mar 11, 2019 | permalink

  First Anniversary Of Awakin Circle For Kids.

Last Saturday we had our first anniversary of hosting Awakin circle for kids. In the last 12 months we have been hosting Awakin circle for kids, once every month. So far it has been a very organic and creative process and through a topsy-turvy ride, a community of 20 to 25 parents and kids have emerged :) The process of hosting the circle is very simple and quite aligned with Awakin circles. We sit in silence for 30 minutes and then have an activity of 15 mins like storytelling, gratitude... read full story

Posted by MANISH DINESHBHAI on Feb 19, 2019 | permalink

  We Remember You And We Feel Grateful!

[This note was originally written to Rev. Heng Sure.] Dear Service Space monks and pilgrims, Every single day we think of you, your pilgrimage, your songs and your photography :-). Today only we were thinking of how the path that we are walking has been a pilgrimage path from hundreds of years. There is a strong context here which makes our journey easier. We feel Rev. Heng Sure, Nipun bhai, Guri di and many others made a unique path by "walking it yourself" as the title of th... read full story

Posted by Swara Pandya on Jan 31, 2019 | permalink

  One Day Kids Retreat In Surat

[Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside an incredible crew of love warriors for the first ever one day Kids Retreat in Surat. What started off as a seed from a 10 year old's curiosity to come together along with other kids to practice small acts of kindness - unfurled into an incredible day of learnings, aha-moments and smiles of gratitude. Deeply grateful to Meera Ben (the mother of this 10 year old), and many other visible and invisible volunteers who made this intention a r... read full story

Posted by Varsha Soni on Oct 14, 2018 | permalink

  Acts Of Generosity

[On September 2nd a group of enthusiastic parents, kids and local volunteers birthed a small idea of a Kids retreat in Surat. What started off as an experiment to learn and do small acts of kindness with kids & through kids has now culminated into an ongoing series of explorations, experiments and deepening of values. Below is a summary of the experience that Meera Ben and Manish Bhai penned down and spearheaded along with many love warriors of the local Surat community - on October 2nd, to ... read full story

Posted by Meera Moradia on Oct 11, 2018 | permalink

  Of Holding And Listening

"Whatever is held and listened to will show us where it lives in the world and in us" -- Mark Nepo. When I was in fourth grade, I learnt this Hindi song in music class that went like this: “Āo, nayā samāj banāyen, is dhartī ko swarg banāyen…is dhartī ke har mānav ka, mānavta se nātā joden, nātā joden, nātā joden.” (Translation: Come, one and all, let us build a new society, one that is heaven on earth; Let us build bonds with all humans, through our... read full story

Posted by Gayathri Ramachandran on Sep 26, 2018 | permalink

  The Magic Of A Silent Dinner

[Every Head Hand Heart retreat is a warehouse of experience and an opportunity to build my kindness/gratitude muscles. Every time I hear of a moving experience - either from a participant or a fellow volunteer, I’m reminded of the beauty and grace of small! Below is such an example - Rohit shared how a simple experience of a silent dinner led into an introspective moment and an experiment that became an instrument to deepen his practice of inner cleansing. Deeply grateful to him for sharin... read full story

Posted by Meghna Banker on Sep 21, 2018 | permalink

  A New Morning To Maitri Meals!

In 2016, Maitri Meals began its journey to provide alternate livelihood to the trafficked women living in brothels of GB Road, Delhi's largest red light area. Two women took the plunge and decided to live a new life with dignity and respect. Over the span of one year, the women prepared, packed, and sold more than 3000 healthy and hygienic meals. The project was put on hold in 2017 as the ladies went for trainings in several other aspects of kitchen management than just cooking. Amidst all... read full story

Posted by Geetanjali Babbar on Sep 21, 2018 | permalink

  M-Bee-L Hive Is Abuzz

A few weeks ago, a Mumbai-wallah received a beautiful piece of prayer mandala art by snail mail - probably a personalized post he got in a long long time. It was signed off as "Sarjan" -- the act of creating the world, in this case with chants of love. No prizes for guessing who sent it - our loving sarjak Bhumika who created it during her stay at the Vinoba ashram, Baroda. The words weave a poem, a prayer expressing gratitude to the universe and celebrating its goodness which, as we a... read full story

Posted by Rahul Mehta on Aug 25, 2018 | permalink

  Monsoon Laddership Circle 2018

In a fortnight, we are getting ready for yet another round of Laddership circle which we have named Monsoon Laddership Circle. In ServiceSpace ecosystem, Laddership circles are in the air with so many of them being hosted in a different format all across the globe. There are the themed circle, which focuses on different verticals like Educators, Business, Doctors, for Community Anchors and also all-inclusive circles for mixed group participants which are going on currently across the globe. I... read full story

Posted by Parag Shah on Aug 22, 2018 | permalink

  From Surat To Baroda: Kindness Circles

As I recollect now, what a wonderful time it has been with the 5th graders every week since last 3 months. We meet on Wednesdays for an hour, but the sessions still don't have a name. For convenience sake we call it kindness circle. It all started with an idea during a youth retreat in Surat to have Awakin circles for parents and kids. The intention was to create a non-competitive atmosphere within the school eco-system. I wished to open a space within the kids where they could feel compl... read full story

Posted by Siddharth Shah on Jul 20, 2018 | permalink

  Love Is The Answer :)

[We just ended another 3 day Head Hand Heart retreat in Ahmedabad. And each time I've volunteered, I've come back more grounded. Sharing this beautiful recap of the three days that Linki so lovingly helped to put together, which we all had the opportunity to experience first hand.] "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." -Yoko Ono On a beautiful cloudy morning in ESI, Sughad, around 38 of us gathered from different corners of the co... read full story

Posted by Suratvanti Ashwin on Jul 17, 2018 | permalink

  Spreading Joy Through Clowning

[Two of our volunteers, Diken (in Ahmedabad) and Tharanath (in Bengaluru) share their transformative experiences through clowning with children who are terminally ill and the precious lessons about life that they have learnt from these little ones.] “I am a child at heart”- Diken “Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others, long after your sharing.” ~ Rumi Each one of us brings our own unique gifts to o... read full story

Posted by Vaishali Bhayani Shah on Jun 29, 2018 | permalink

  Being the Gentle Voice of Trees

When it comes to greening, I get greedy. And I exhibit land Mafia traits. I got to know that a strip of land attached to our apartment was literally “no man’s land” because one faction of the government had encroached upon land that belonged to another faction. Well, these things happen in India. And we happened to have land that belonged to no one. So quite like the first thing that land mafia do, I paid the excavator contractor to move in with the heavy machinery to cle... read full story

Posted by Vinod Eshwer on May 4, 2018 | permalink

  Cooking With A Grateful Heart

A Sunday this month, a few cousins and me invited and hosted our immediate and extended family members for dinner. That went straight into everyone's hearts :) It was a gathering of many firsts! For the first time, we youngsters took the initiative of meeting and inviting the family members over dinner. It was the first time we all came together to cook. For some of my cousins, it was the first time they even held a knife, so cooking for 50 people was a unique experience :) It all started... read full story

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  The Gift Of Small

When 30 participants from across the world walked into Sughad, little did we know how we would co-create a space of abundant love. On Day 1, Meghna Di and Jignasha Di began with a circle of sharing stories of small ripples that have moved us. It was so beautiful to see each one feel moved even while sharing their stories. Seema couldn't stop feeling grateful for her mother who has served her meals for the past 24 years. Now, when it's her time to cook away from home, she realiz... read full story

Posted by Parth J Dave on Apr 22, 2018 | permalink

  Gautam Dada's Stories From Bhoodan Movement

A few of us met Gautam Dada and Usha tai in Mumbai this week. Sharing a few pearls ... "Bhoodan movement was started for all -- not merely to take from haves and give to have nots. Everyone could take a dip in this Ganga. The rich weren't asked to give their 'excess' land. This was not a call for 'charity' but an act of sacrifice 'yagn'. It was about inner transformation." When he was young, he was in charge of paper work as a 'karyakarta' for ... read full story

Posted by Smita Navare on Apr 16, 2018 | permalink

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