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  Feeling the Flow of Grace: One-day MBL Retreat in Mumbai

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us. – Anne Lamott All of us have felt the power of that mysterious “invisible hand” of grace in our lives, weaving together incidents and people in remarkably touching and inspiring ways. On a sunny Sunday in April in Bombay (30th), at the Narmada Niketan home for seniors in Belapur, forty people from all across the city felt connected through gra... read full story

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  Unexpected kindness and grace - One day MBL retreat in Mumbai

Can you believe that 40 people met as unknowns one morning and felt like a family the same evening? Believe it or not, that’s what happened at a recent one-day retreat in Mumbai, on April 30, 2017. The venue was Narmada Niketan, a Senior Citizen Home to almost 180 elders, designed mindfully for the convenience of its residents, run in the spirit of trusteeship and funded by the generosity of noble souls for the past 3 decades. Few of the volunteers and participants chose to come a day b... read full story

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  Morphine Patch

Recently Po was admitted to hospital for kidney stone pain. As there was no special room available and admission was required he was given a sharing room with one more patient. This was an old lady suffering from cancer. Around 3 am. She started talking loudly mostly questions like “when will she go home”? “ why is she made a prisoner here”? “ who is behind all this happening in her life”? “why is she suffering, if she has been good person throughout&rdq... read full story

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  The Power of Perspective

In this moving TEDx talk, Preethi Sreenivasan talks about the power of perspective, the unconditional love of her parents, her near death experiences leading to fearlessness and discovering purpose in her life with Soulfree after a spinal injury confined her to a wheelchair.  ... read full story

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  Happiness Unlimited

Happiness is contagious and is one of the precious gifts that each one of us possesses. It is important to have unshakable faith to create happiness for ourselves and others. Moved By Love is a space that creates a ripple effect through various initiatives and spread smiles. I am grateful to the universe and people who have connected me to this beautiful space whose only religion is to spread happiness and work for people’s welfare and wellbeing. Recently celebrated my younger brother&r... read full story

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  Conversations with Arundada (March 30, 2017)

This afternoon I had lunch at Arundada’s place. Post lunch, after I finished washing the dishes, Arundada asked me if need a napkin to wipe my hands. I replied with a smile (wiping my hands on the skirt that I was wearing) it’s ok, I’m wearing a napkin. This reminded Arundada of a few incidents. These are simple stories with deep message hence I felt like sharing with you all. Story #1 Once Arundada was at an ashram in Budhol, Karnataka, India. The Swamiji at the ashram a... read full story

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  We are all ‘inter-be’

As 35 of us came together in the sacred premises of ESI, Sughad, we could all at once feel the connection with the space. Our hearts were connected as we gathered in front of peace pole, holding hands, offering our gratitude for the seeds sowed by our ancestors that led to this day and time in our journeys. As we entered the Maitri hall, we were greeted with this quote: “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into an instant flame by an encounter with another HUMAN BEING... read full story

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  Gaus, With a White Shirt

About 10 of us along with Gautam Dada went to Maher Ashram - Sister Lucy’s organization on Saturday, 25th March 2017. We had a ‘Moved by Love' experience, just in the way they welcomed us. It was a great ripple of the NGO retreat. We were all further moved by Sister Lucy’s love for all of us children, women, men and staff in the organization -- and all the visitors. While visiting, we heard Gaus's story, in his own words. It was so powerful, and stirred something in ... read full story

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  Lessons From The Maid

In our Laddership Circle last week, we were encouraged to interview someone to listen to and learn about their story. I interviewed my maid. My maid is a young and smart woman who is married with 2 kids. That is all I knew about her. She has been helping me out for more than 2 years. She comes in on time every morning, and very efficiently finishes all her assigned chores and rushes on to her next stop! I usually am a silent person in the morning, and prefer not chatting. She leaves me al... read full story

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  Conversations with Arundada. (February 7, 2017)

Sharing a conversation that I had with Arundada. I'm going to continue our conversations every time i meet him. Arundada : On hearing of Kinnari giving birth to a baby girl, I am reminded of this song Song 1 : Kinnar Gandharva devtaao ki baat nahi Maanav se maanav ka mukt milan chaahiye (Translation : We are not talking about divinity, religion, gods or angels. All that is needed is that a human can meet his brethren without any barriers) Chinta ki baat nahi saad... read full story

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  Remembering Raghu bhai

February 8th marked the death anniversary of a dear brother, Raghu bhai. Those who knew Raghu, knew of his giving spirit, knew how he lived a full life and did every act with selfless love. Raghu Bhalla Makwana was a son to many maajis and kakas he served through Tyaag-nu-tiffin. In remembrance of the beautiful soul, a special morning prayer was planned at the Gramshree Rudra centre and in the afternoon activities were planned with kids of the Ashramshaala. Ramesh bhai Vasava, who now conduct... read full story

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  Compassion makes Life Simple

Childhood has always been so full of glimpses where we all have had beautiful experiences. At times we have struggled to be expressed, at times we have just been understood. One such feeling I always had within me was to really put across  myself in the most vibrant colors, but was never ever able to do it. My own constraints that, "what will happen if I do it,what will others think?" These non-approving and not so accepting thoughts occupied me and were like a hammer to me sin... read full story

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  The Ripple Effect

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit." As 40 of us sat in a circle this February in the sacred premises of Maitri Space we could not help but feel the ripples of all the goodness and generosity passed on by the lineage before us.  We opened with the story of the biggest land transfer movement in human history, Bhoodan Yatra which on the surface looked like people transferring land to those who did not have any... read full story

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  Taking Off: MBL Laddership Circles

Over the last few years, ServiceSpace has hosted Laddership Circles, and it has become a dynamic part of their service offerings on their online engagement spectrum. It is getting very clear that a deeper learning journey around ServiceSpace values and processes holds a lot of value for change-makers and community organizers. There has been remarkable interest around such circles from the lot of Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Organisers and MBL volunteers during last few months in... read full story

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  Circle of Inclusive Friends

My participation in the Inclusion Retreat, held in Gujarat, gave me an opportunity to meet some great people. With our hearts connected, we came together again a week back, with a determination to pull off something amazing. The venue chosen was my residence, which was aptly named – ‘The House of FRIENDSHIP.’ The Circle Of Friends This retreat was the brainchild of a Master Blaster – a techie turned entrepreneur turned Heartpreneur who has recently taken to “s... read full story

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  Jaideep 2.0: My story of turning Heartpreneur

inclusion retreat gang :) I had heard that there are many monks in the Himalayas who meditate deeply and pray for the well being of this world. I had never believed it because I used to only believe what I saw. Fast forward two months – now I see what I believe! How did this shift come about?  Let me walk you through my initial steps in the hardest journey of moving from Head to Heart! From Transaction To Trust Over the last 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to have... read full story

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  Samdarshan - Learnings from ESI

Between October, 2015 and January, 2017, I spent a cumulative total of 13 months living at ESI next to the Hriday Kunj, in one of the “Be” meditation huts. What unfolded in between turned out to be a somewhat unexpected and arduous inner journey—the potency of which I am just starting to get a glimpse of now, having left that sacred space a little over two weeks ago. I want to share here what I consider to be the root of that experience. Root meaning the deepest learning, ... read full story

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  Meals on Wheels Mumbai

Last Sunday, our dear Vidhi officially launched Meals on Wheels in Mumbai. Rupali and Ketan lovingly opened up their home (our home — as they put it) and 25 of us were there; the youngest volunteer was three (he was helping us shell peas) and the oldest, 80. Fragrant heart-shaped flower rangoli greeted us at the door and throughout the home (we also got a glimpse of Rupali's incredible paintings — she's a gifted artist). Vidhi steered us beautifully and Rahul as well as... read full story

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  Video on Safai Vidyalaya

... read full story

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  Principal’s Round Table of 2016

The last Principal’s Round Table of 2016 was an event to remember!  It was attended by over one hundred educators including many Principals and Heads, representing schools and institutions across Pune and even a Principal and teacher who came all the way from Mumbai, inspired by Nipun’s talk there. The evening was opened by Mrs. Malati Kalmadi who, on behalf of Kannada Sangha, warmly welcomed Nipun and everyone who was in attendance. Mrs. Vijayam Kartha introduced the ... read full story

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