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  Seva Cafe in Pune

​Early October on Gandhi Jayanti we organized a Seva Café at The Green Vegan Café, phoenix city mall, Pune. Aishwariya, who is a dear friend who owns the café, opened the space to us. The café is just 3 month old but Aishwarya’s trust in us was deep enough to experiment with it. A team of volunteers got together and Abha didi took over as the chief chef to make 100% vegan menu for 80 odd guests. Wow! the no. 80 looked too big but we were al... read full story

Posted by Bhumi Mathuria on Oct 28, 2015 | permalink

  Our First 'Awakin Talks' Gathering in Bombay!

Thank you for co-creating such an energizing field of love on Saturday night -- at our first Awakin Talks gathering! We are deeply grateful for all the speakers who are being the change in so many diverse ways, for all the volunteers who invisibly offered service, and for all of you who held such a sacred space for powerful stories to be shared. Shaalini and Dogo have posted some beautiful pictures: ... read full story

Posted by Bhumi Mathuria on Feb 10, 2014 | permalink