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  Monsoon Laddership Circle 2018

In a fortnight, we are getting ready for yet another round of Laddership circle which we have named Monsoon Laddership Circle. In ServiceSpace ecosystem, Laddership circles are in the air with so many of them being hosted in a different format all across the globe. There are the themed circle, which focuses on different verticals like Educators, Business, Doctors, for Community Anchors and also all-inclusive circles for mixed group participants which are going on currently across the globe. I... read full story

Posted by Parag Shah on Aug 22, 2018 | permalink

  Taking Off: MBL Laddership Circles

Over the last few years, ServiceSpace has hosted Laddership Circles, and it has become a dynamic part of their service offerings on their online engagement spectrum. It is getting very clear that a deeper learning journey around ServiceSpace values and processes holds a lot of value for change-makers and community organizers. There has been remarkable interest around such circles from the lot of Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Community Organisers and MBL volunteers during last few months in... read full story

Posted by Parag Shah on Mar 4, 2017 | permalink

  4000 Excuses To Spread Love

At the inspiring Moved By Love retreat in March, I made an internal commitment to spread the spirit of "giftivism" in my local community.  This last week we implemented one of those ideas.  We run an IB school in Surat with 1100 students -- Fountainhead.  Outside of the students themselves, there are two other elements that are quite fundamental to the learning experience: books and parents.   So we tried an experiment to engage them with... read full story

Posted by Parag Shah on May 4, 2013 | permalink