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  How kids taught us love, empathy and harmony :)

Since the kids got very late, instead of taking English and Math sessions, Jaina and Mitali along with kids did a prayer and focused on circle of sharing. Sharing by Rupa and Meena, in particular moved us.   Rupa read out her experience she had at Craftroots last week. When we appreciated how beautifully it was written she informed that it was not possible without team work. On asking 'How?' She replied that Meena gathered all the kids, made them sit in a circle, did a pr... read full story

Posted by Riddhi Patel on Jan 15, 2013 | permalink

  Love Pendants

One beautiful wednesday evening after meditation, a dear friend told me that someone had sent a gift for our shwas kids. With a big broad smile on my face I opened the packet and I found 10 bright colored clay blocks with a variety of molds.   Same weekend I brought the clay to school for kids. I shared that some loved one from some corner of world with pure love has sent a gift for us. Kids using all their imagination with love made pendants for an hour. With this activity... read full story

Posted by Riddhi Patel on Jul 9, 2012 | permalink