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  Param Sameepay

We walked with the river as our guide, an opportunity to listen and learn. A tiny step; an aspiration to be more like water and one day merge with the infinite. We dont question how long it will take, how many impurities we will encounter, but surrender to the course that will take us to the ocean. On this journey, 15 of us volunteers from diverse backgrounds and countries embarked on Tuesday, 6th of March, th... read full story

Posted by Siddharth on Mar 11, 2012 | permalink

  Service and Swagyan

Question: What do storytellers from South India, a professor from Stanford University and two renowned sages have in common? Answer: Beautiful insights into the role of service in self-realization. We were blessed over the weekend of February 4th to have with us the co-authors of Infinite Vision – Pavithra Mehta and Suchitra Shenoy, a professor with a scientific approach to the journey of the self – Prof. Shariq and two stellar experts in the philosophy of Vedanta – S... read full story

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  All things small and beautiful

It was inspiring to go through the photo gallery of a dear friend Chris who is currently serving in Kenya, after spending a year in a leper community in Ahmedabad. I saw little children in an HIV afflicted community in Nairobi wearing little smile pins and paper flowers with words like Truth, Love and Compassion written on them.These are smile pins and flowers made by the women and children of the slums of Ahmedabad through a program in an NGO called Manav Sadhna in Gandhi Ashr... read full story

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  Sabras: Be A Ladder

During the weekend of New Year’s Eve, a group of people with diverse backgrounds, ages ranging from 8 months to 87 years, shared a magical weekend together.  Before piling into four cars, they sat together in prayer, encircling a rose pink package filled with tiny sachets of salt, or ‘Sabras’. The meaning of this package emerged like a budding flower over the course of the retreat. One of the members of the retreat held with him a few thoughts by Vinobha Bhave that provid... read full story

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  A leap of faith at Seva Cafe.

Volunteering at a Gift-economy restaurant can be challenging at times. Initially when my wife Lahar and I decided to co-ordinate Seva Cafe, I immediately sat down to get a handle on the numbers. An excel sheet was created with figures on variable costs, fixed costs and a break-even. We eventually came up with an average break-even benchmark per guest in order to stay afloat. Even though this was all meant as reference numbers, it was interesting to observe how it was subtly working on us. W... read full story

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  When the Yatris came to Sabarmati Ashram

We looked at each other in slight disbelief. Did they say ‘450 people’? A month ago, we received an email from Jagriti Yatra, a team that organizes a 15 day journey for budding social entrepreneurs from 26 Indian states and 23 countries across the world. The pilgrimage takes them across 9000km and 15 locations all aboard one custom-made train. Immediately, we had all sorts of questions racing through our mind. The eco-system based in and around Sabarmati Ashram wasn’t exactly... read full story

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  Gratitude Walk

As a small way of remembering the passing of Ishwar Kaka, a few volunteers chose to walk from Sughad to Gandhi Ashram on 26th December. Along the way, our intention was to open our hearts and interact with as many people as possible, speaking about sanitation. As we walked on a pleasant winter afternoon, we came across several communities, but one sequence of events stood out the most. We were walking by a well manicured grass lawn occupied by several groups of people that was littered with... read full story

Posted by Siddharth on Dec 28, 2011 | permalink

  A lesson in Compassion

“Pullover” said Jayeshbhai to the driver of the car. We had passed by the carcass of a young dog, that had recently been run over by a car on the busy Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar highway. As we walk back a hundred feet from the car to the incident we see the dog’s mother eagerly avoiding cars to be with her son. She sees his body, but clearly she’s confused by his absence. Wary of not angering the concerned mother we carefully bring the young body to the side of the... read full story

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  With a little help

  An artist, musician, and animal lover, Hans Dalal’s enthusiastic spirit is very difficult to reflect in words. Here’s a promo of his latest film ‘With a little help’. In the tiger’s hour of need this is a documentary that focuses on one of its biggest enemies poachers. Ironically though it isn’t a depiction of how they have led to the near extinction of this magnificent big cat, but their lives after…This film takes us on a beautiful j... read full story

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  Smile Store Launches!

To celebrate the spirit of “Vasudhev Kutumbkam” ( All world is one family) during Joy of Giving week, we started Smile store, a place for sharing, connecting and recycling. Its a complete volunteer run gift store to share our gifts with unknown brothers and sisters. There are no price tags, any one can leave any thing, anyone can take what they need and put any donation to run the store. Without any strings attached, this store is an experiment to spread trust, love and smiles. Cur... read full story

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  Chai is the secret of our energy :)

Everybody asks us what’s the secret of so much energy in Moved By Love space ? We think part of the credit goes to multiple cups of Tea we have together Seems like somebody else noticed it and tagged us with a big box of tea bags. Each tea bag carries a positive message for a day. Lots of love to our anonymous friend for fueling our energy :)... read full story

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