How kids taught us love, empathy and harmony :)

Posted by Riddhi Patel on Jan 15, 2013

Since the kids got very late, instead of taking English and Math sessions, Jaina and Mitali along with kids did a prayer and focused on circle of sharing. Sharing by Rupa and Meena, in particular moved us.


Rupa read out her experience she had at Craftroots last week. When we appreciated how beautifully it was written she informed that it was not possible without team work. On asking 'How?' She replied that Meena gathered all the kids, made them sit in a circle, did a prayer and asked each one about their experience. Meena then wrote it down and shared with all. The thing that moved us was the love and unity with which  kids are working as a team and how Meena is growing into a kind and a responsible leader. Furthermore, inspite of she having written she asked Rupa to read it and asked her to be at the front end without expecting appreciation rather encouraging her colleague to lead. When it was Meena's turn to share, In an eloquent manner without missing any details she shared her learnings from her three days trip to Lothal, an Archeological site and Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. Also, she shared a story how she and her friend helped a class mate to find his lost shoes during the trip.


After the circle of sharing we wanted to gift sweater to Ramesh as we didnt get one of his size when we got them for other kids. Ramesh was absent which was quite unusual so we inquired. Kids informed he had to undergo a surgery and needed rest so we decide to visit him . There he was sad and in pain and his younger brother Dipak trying diff wigs n hats to entertain him. Seeing all the kids and volunteers Ramesh has a smile on his face. After 20 minutes of light hearted funny talks and some good laughter we leave.






The day didn't end here. Kids wanted to be together for some more time and show their community. This was our first time when we visited each and every kids home. It was really warm, the way kids with excitement and enthusiasm showed their houses, introduced us to their parents and showed us where they played and studied.


Neeta who was not  keeping well came running n hugged us. All kids being worried about her health started complaining that she has not been taking care of her health and eating regularly. We decided that each kid will take care or say supervise her daily routine, until she gets alright!


It is beautiful to witness kids growing into loving and kind individuals: How they have started thinking beyond themselves by sitting by Ramesh's side during his illness (inspite of the temptation to fly kites during Uttarayan), taking Neeta to a doc and keeping an eye on her eating habits, helping a classmate find his shoes or working in team and encouraging other students to take the lead :)

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