One Day Retreat in Pune

Posted by Sheetal Sanghvi on Nov 23, 2013

40 of us from gathered in a beautiful nunnery in Pune just like we did at the Empty, Gather, Ripple retreat earlier this year. It's been a few days since the retreat we can all still feel the vibes of the beautiful day we spent together yesterday at the Sisters' Home. 

So much happened, yet there was such stillness in our collective energy.. The silent walk up the hill, heart warming stories around Mujawara (or being better 'neighbours' in our communities), a love filled lunch in communion with nature, powerful journaling exercises, laughter and games, compelling videos, the many conversations in between...

Many invisible hands worked tirelessly to gift us these experiences.. Feeling such deep gratitude for the incredible volunteer support.
Feeling gratitude for all the beautiful pilgrims who responded to the invite to attend this gathering.

Here are some pictures from the circle. 

Jagruti, one of the volunteers at the event had this to share:
"‚Äč"It was such a beautiful experience yesterday.. Being in service of others for the entire day.. It felt good from within serving others.. And bringing them to smile.. Never had i felt so satisfied about being able to serve:)

I am grateful to all those who received the love i had to offer.such kind souls.everyone said thank you and appreciated the help i had to offer and it couldn't have been better:)

Being invisible or anonymous and still serving was indeed a great experience and shifted something within.

To top it off Sister Usha held me by the hand and took me to the terrace just to see the sunset. Wow! What an experience.. We were standing still admiring everything we could till we more see the hot perfectly round ball disappear.. Never been that still before..
What an amazing day and made me feel so good about myself and humanity."

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