A Beautiful Gathering in Baroda

Posted by Sheetal Vaidya Trivedi on Nov 26, 2013

It was an incredible gathering with the Baroda family on Saturday, November 23rd. The space of Vinoba Ashram with its magical energy encompassed all of us in the spirit of love and service. Words of wisdom from Jagdishdada and Ba flowing from years of surrender and service made me reflect on their innocence and acceptance and allowance of being in the flow. The day offered so many gifts in form of prayers, lunch in silence, spirited talks, some hands activity, gratitude letters and much more happening within too. A random person walking in engaged Madhu in understanding what 'Moved By Love' is and before you know it, he decided to attend the next local Awakin circle.

Another group from Bombay came up to our hugging saint Chintan with the same question and were hugged with a bright smile and some sharing. Chintan now wishes to go out and hug random people at Porbandar (Gandhiji's birth place) which is a small town where hugging is not a part of the culture. Ratanben and her husband who made food for all of us were moved by the Ashram space so much that they are thinking of spending two days a month in a space like Vinoba Ashram. Madhviben who serves at the Ashram and who provided us with everything we could possibly need for the gathering invited all of us to come again and spend more time next time. 
As we were departing Jagdishdada's words touched me when he said "when you follow your heart and serve, the heart smiles and that is the most genuine appreciation you can get as your heart never lies..rest as Vinobaji and Gandhiji said is "shunya"', or 'emptiness'.
As we walked home, we all held gratitude for the commitment of the Pandya Sisters - Trupti, Jignasha and Swara who have been serving their community for years through Awakin Circles every week (for the last two years!). 

May these gatherings continue holding the torchlight for our paths. ~ Love All, Serve All ~ 

More Images from the gathering below :)


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