Now I’m inspired even when I lose!

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Nov 18, 2016

How happy can we ever be , if we lost a game?

I was wondering this when I was reminded of a very sweet experience. I met my friend Reva , a five year old girl who taught me the happiness in losing. One day I visited her, and we played games after games. Initially she won, but later she started losing the games and still she was really happy. I was amazed to see that how a five year old can not get upset over losing. When I questioned her that why are you not sad after losing the games, her answer just mesmerized me. She said ‘ There is so much fun in loosing, have you ever tried that? Its not necessary to always win.’  And this champ gave me a profound learning, which actually made me wonder how much fun is it to be at a loss.

How many times we always wonder of winning games, people, everywhere. But how many times are we able to think of giving someone a chance to win? or letting someone be the winner? For Reva, those moments came naturally to her. She has left impressions of forever happiness on my mind and soul. She taught me that it’s alright if you don’t win , but you see happiness in the person playing with you. It’s not necessary from where you learn , but it’s important what inspires you.
This incident happened months ago, and she has still kept me inspired.

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  • khushmita wrote ...

    What a beautiful reminder of love from our favourite 5 year old :) Thanks for sharing it Vidhi!