Compassion makes Life Simple

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Mar 10, 2017

Childhood has always been so full of glimpses where we all have had beautiful experiences. At times we have struggled to be expressed, at times we have just been understood.

One such feeling I always had within me was to really put across  myself in the most vibrant colors, but was never ever able to do it. My own constraints that, "what will happen if I do it,what will others think?" These non-approving and not so accepting thoughts occupied me and were like a hammer to me since few days, due to few instances happening regularly. I was aware about them, but did not know what next is taking shape.

Yesterday at Rupali didi's 'he-art' circle, a story was read by Albert Einstein which mentioned that, "we don't need the approval of others.Compassion makes life simple, it teaches us a way to live, respond more significantly, love everyone in life." 

After silence, started with the strokes on canvas,and felt like I painted my heart out and for the first time, I felt that I enjoyed what colors are.

When I started, it was with different ideas, later on I merged all the colors  and did something which was on my mind since years now.

I felt lucky to have experienced how my feelings and thoughts were on the canvas with those little blending of shades of paints.

I'm thankful to so many hands, minds and hearts for emergence of a space like 'he-art circle'.Which helps me to keep going every week, being in the droplets of love and smiles.

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