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Posted by Poulomi Robin on Apr 12, 2017

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Happiness is contagious and is one of the precious gifts that each one of us possesses. It is important to have unshakable faith to create happiness for ourselves and others. Moved By Love is a space that creates a ripple effect through various initiatives and spread smiles. I am grateful to the universe and people who have connected me to this beautiful space whose only religion is to spread happiness and work for people’s welfare and wellbeing.

Recently celebrated my younger brother’s wedding, on 4 March 2017, wherein I was truly blessed to receive heart and smile pins from ‘Moved By Love’. Since childhood, I am blessed to learn the importance of gratitude from my parents. My parents were strictly against guests bringing any material gifts. Blessings from the heart are the true treasure, so they have personally and humbly requested all the 400 guests not to bring any present. Guests truly understand and showered respect to my parents by not bringing presents. I welcomed all the guests with heart and smile pins. A few of them were initially hesitant but I told them that this is a small thank you token with love and gratitude for the efforts that they have taken to attend the wedding. While pinning the hearts and smile pins, I felt a deeper joy within. Suddenly after some time, I found myself in between of a lot of guests who were choosing the heart and smile pins in accordance to the colour of their saree or kurta. I felt that smile and happiness were spilling over.

I was so touched and amazed when my little nephew Ishaan came to me and said: “give me 5 smiles and hearts, will give to my friends in school”. I was so happy to see that gratitude was flowing in the form of kindness and empathy. Ishaan and my another 5-year- old nephew Arya ensured that everyone including all the kids has received a smile and heart pin.

Guests expressed their happiness of receiving these little heart and smile pins by thanking my parents and my parents also shared about moved by love space with them. One of the guests told me that she wants to teach gratitude through these heart and smile pins in her special school, named Beautiful Mind. A few guests told me that after a long time they received gifts that touched their hearts.

There is no dearth of happiness, it's in abundance but it is up to us to recognize it and spread it. My joy knew no bounds when I saw guests giggling like little children after
receiving the heart and smile pins. To spread happiness is a starting point to spread peace and friendship. This experience has helped to spin my better story and I shower my gratitude to all those who have handcrafted these heart and smile pins and to all the beautiful souls of Moved By Love. Thank you!

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  • Meghna wrote ...

    Dearest Poulomi!!! I was smiling so wide on reading this! What a joy it was to feel the experience your guests felt and the lens with which you shared the love amongst everyone. It is truly incredible, that something as small as a heart pin, can be such a big tool to connect with strangers and loved one's alike!

    Thank you for sharing this story.