Art and its infinite possibilities

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Aug 10, 2017

Every moment is a possibility from the tangent of life, and each moment turns up like a dew drop to the present situation. Yet another evening at heArt circle helps me bring back my areas of possibilities through my life’s jigsaw puzzle.

The inter-tangle pieces of mind land up in confusions and I can feel resonated as every time I come across a situation and its momentary joy. The colors help me portray the significance and connected-ness as life predicts different shades in so many ways which just flows and carries the journey with the soul.

I have been contemplating on the thought of what is art? And does it refer to just a piece which is drawn with perfect lines and shapes. And spaces like heArt Circle gives me a possibility of hope that Art can be anything that pleases my own eyes. It can be spontaneous flow of ideas and creativity of any individual. I can resonate to this -“ I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. “

I feel it takes acceptance  to let go off the hurdles created by our very own being, and feel free not just in actions but also allowing one self to explore the possibilities in each segment.

When I put my thoughts across I resonate that for every possibility there is some source I can feel the connect with, which stays underlined for me - as where do we see the better side of life. And shades when put to colors bring the tiniest of my insights to paper, canvas and I define them as "ART".

At times  due to some thoughts which stand as hindrance in day to day to life- Possibilities help to earn a bonus point on the canvas and flows along with happiness to push yourself hard to be okay with whatever is just happening. 

heArt circles are a blessing..!!

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