Parents' Special At Awakin Mumbai

Posted by Nirupa Bhangar on Mar 9, 2019

A new phenomenon in our Awakin Circle is children inviting their parents, not just inviting, actually coaxing reluctant parents. They come solely because they do not want to hurt or disappoint their child. Once they do come, it becomes a special experience for them and all of us. Just the fact of having parents and children together in the same sharing circle, speaking and the listening, does something.

This has happened thrice over, but this Thursday evening was extra special. Sumita, a master's in psychology and trained counselor, part of the ecosystem, researched for an Awakin Circle nearer to her place and found us. She confirmed coming along with her mother. They live in a slum colony. When she agreed, Savita, the mom, had no clue of what Awakin is, but came because as she said, she did not want to spoil Sumits's mood. On the way, Sumita told her a little bit about what to expect and Savita, was ready to return. Had she left her family to fend for their own dinner for this? Howsoever, she came along, perhaps to bring to us, an understanding of another kind.

Firstly, the Awakin happened in Hindi, creating some laughs at the lack of fluency in the language for many in the group. Translation of the poetic passage of the week was however fabulous in addition to being hilarious. It started with the daughter translating in Marathi. At some point, another member took over, a media person with a great flare for the language. She translated, adding her own nuances to the text and all of us tried to pitch in with our own interpretations where there wasn't a proper substitute. For example, the line "digging deep for clues on higher ground" was a joint struggle. Oh well! It sure made the passage go deeper. :)

As usual, we then started with the sharing round, and that is when it all became more powerful. When it came to Savita, she started by sharing her daily life. Getting up at 5am to collect water, a trickle that comes for a short time. The housework, her professional work, massaging babies, her keeping awake till 2am to watch her two favorite series on TV, which was available to her only at 12:30am. Her penchant for work and her living by values of never harming anyone gave her a sense of self-esteem that was so evident. She talked of leaving her daughter free to do what she liked, despite what the neighbours said. She wished for Sunita a life different from her own, and yet there was no trace of regret for herself. She could hear only with a hearing aid. She had a rod in her foot because of a motorbike hitting her. Nothing seemed to deter her from her daylong chores. She had the gift of acceptance and laughter and with her; we all felt lighter. It was a live opportunity of digging deeper within and discovering something not known before just as the passage hinted.

Sumita expressed that her mother being there, stirred something in her that she wants to chew on. I was left wanting to know more about their lives, so different and so together. Will take up Savita's invitation to visit their home.

Grateful to Awakin for what it can bring to our door.

Posted by Nirupa Bhangar on Mar 9, 2019 | permalink

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  • Pavi Mehta wrote ...

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse of the deep specialness of these circles.

  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    Wow, Nirupa-ji :) Such a beautiful share. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    so beautiful! Thank you for sharing :-)

  • Sumita wrote ...

    Hello Aunty, Thank you for writing. Today I am going to share this passage with her, and let's see what next laughter and her innocent sharing will come up.

  • Jennie Sze wrote ...

    So nice to get a glimpse of your time

  • Nisha wrote ...

    This is so touching Nirupa. It shows again what an oasis Awaking can be.

  • Lawrence D. wrote ...

    Love the deep connection and insights that unfold at various Awakin circles. Ever Grateful to all the energies that come together to make it possible.

  • rahul wrote ...

    Beautiful to see hear of kids getting the chance to pull in their parents! Priceless beyond words... and worlds :-)