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Editor's Note: Earlier this year, we hosted a very special gathering - Gandhi 3.0. Here, Gandhi stands for the age-old principle of leading with inner transformation and 3.0 represents the many-to-many networks popularized by the modern-day Internet. Gandhi 3.0 is a bridge from the Internet to the Inner-Net:)

There are so many stories, reflections and ripples that emerged from the retreat that we cannot even attempt to 'curate'. On Gandhi Jayanti, we are bringing out a special newsletter with a few pearls from that big ocean of wisdom and maitri. --Ashima and Shaalini

To Unlock the Law of Love

65 change makers from around the globe convened at the ESI campus for a 5-day Gandhi 3.0 retreat. There was no agenda but an idea to explore how our interconnectedness, rooted in inner transformation, can create a field for radically innovative solutions for today's challenges. Audrey and Rahul bring us an enriching account of the 5 days, the ripples from which continue months after.

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Impressions from Gandhi 3.0

Even before he reached Sughad, Rev. Heng Sure's Gandhi 3.0 retreat began right in his flight from Australia to Ahmedabad. In this beautiful reflection of his experiences during the retreat, Rev Heng Sure takes us back in time on a trip of those 5-days where he was touched by everything -- The request for Dharma at 35,000 ft, the welcome and personal care in India, and the deep connections he instantly felt with the space and the many visible and invisible hands behind the Moved by Love ecosystem.

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30 Days that Changed my Daughter

"What if we do 30 days of kindness together?" Trishna Shah, one of the earliest volunteers with ServiceSpace and a mother to two beautiful girls, shares a touching story of how 30 days of kindness changed her and her daughter and how that rippled out in many magical ways.

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Psssst ...

The Banyan Grove: This beautiful campus is a gift to Service Space volunteers to cultivate inner transformation and build deeper ties. One can only imagine the effects of this one ripple.