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Editor's Note: The Law of Love is a far greater science than any modern science - Gandhi. As a modern experiment to unlock this Law of Love, 70 global change makers came together for Gandhi 3.0 retreat. As we celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhi, we bring you stories from this special gathering. --Shaalini

Grand Rehearsal of Unconditional Love

In this epic blog post, Zilong captures the told (and the untold) magic of love that transpired over those days. The constellation of participants and volunteers could not have been more diverse - CEOs, heads of NGOs, wandering yogis, nuns, Nobel Peace laureate, artists, authors, mothers, teachers. And so have been the ripples - diverse and unending.

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Shaheen Mistri: What Potential Manifested looks like

During the Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Shaheen shared 3 beautiful (unexpected) stories of human compassion and giving. Her Stories on arranging shoes, a boy who played and the quiet capacity of one grandson's heart to give are the ones that led her to think how truly limitless is our capacity to give.

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Lobsang Phuntsok: A Hundred Thousand Words

Lobsang talks about monks who go to the monastery not to add something to life, but to lose something from their life, that they need to reduce. In Tibetan, Sausa dibjang, means adding and losing and describes how he broke all the traditional monastery rules in the process of becoming a monk.

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The Journey Together:-

Presenting the labour of love video from our gang of media volunteers, capturing beautiful moments from the recent Gandhi 3.0 gathering.