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Editor's Note: From Corona to Karuna, says Jayeshbhai. How can we use this time of isolation as a journey towards a greater sense of community? As many of us struggle with disconnection, anxiety, and fear; any extraordinarily ordinary heroes are holding space for sacred connections via the innernet and internet. Bringing you some smiles from across the world! --Ashima

Giving in the Conditioned World

Last week 90 of us came together in a virtual conference call on ''How does a heart of service respond to an unknown cause''?. Rev. Heng Sure shared illuminating insights that reflected back collective themes shared; described three forms of giving of wealth, insight and courage; and more. Here is a recording and transcript of his sharing.

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How to Hold Virtual Learning Spaces

With schools and colleges closed all over the world, educators and students both are re-discovering learning as classrooms shift online. This is an ongoing dialogue between educators sharing experiences, best practices and resources that help them hold space virtually for intimate sharing, dynamic engagement, and transformation.

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These difficult times are a call to strengthen our virtues towards collective well being. ''You will see'', Jayesh Bhai said,''humanity will spread its fragrance through Karuna (Compassion).'' A few volunteers recently launched a new portal: which mirrors inspiring stories of how people are responding to a crisis of uncertainty with an open heart and grounded wisdom.

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Psssst ...

Join the 21 day Caronavirus Response Challenge, being hosted by a volunteer, starting on 28th March. May these small acts help foster our sense of community and strengthen our self-cultivation while facing challenges.