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A one-day volunteers' retreat in Vadodara; two 6-week long concurrent Laddership circles; weekly online dialogues at 6 am and a few friends coming together to create a special birthday song - this month’s newsletter is about offline and online confluence of friends and intentions coming together to amplify the good. --Ashima and Shaalini

Baroda Retreat: Unfolding Stories of Service and Transformation

22 friends came together to serve and nourish each other through the stories of their service journeys. Everyone's heart was flowing with gratitude as they shared the gifts they have received. Gifts of love, kindness, friendship and community. A lot is happening in Vadodara and this gathering was an opportunity to listen to and share current practices and some edges. Read Full Story »

Laddership Circles: Here Comes the Rain

With the monsoons providing a fresh dose of inspiration, Laddership circles are back! With two concurrent circles for an inspiring crew of 16 fellows committed to creating ripples of goodness in their local communities in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, our anchors are soaking in all the collective wisdom that is emerging. Read Full Story »

Laying The Field For Awakin Dialogues

For the last year, few friends have been meeting online every week to dialogue on a particular aspect of practicing values in our lives. What Parag and Mihir had quietly initiated has now blossomed into Awakin Dialogues! "The safe space created for sharing inner experiences with authenticity and vulnerability has strengthened our friendship in inexplicable ways." says Deven. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

Gundarshanam: some friends came together to craft up a labor of love song for a musician's birthday. Enjoy this beautiful Maitri Tune.

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