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Every story this month is of selfless acts of service with unconditional love that led to the opening up of hearts and brought strangers together as families. Rahul experienced unparalleled love while serving at a recent retreat, a young man let go of many walls within him at an Awakin gathering and Atul's team of volunteers through their loving service brought the whole village together to keep the school toilets clean.   --Ashima and Shaalini

An Unexpected Friend at our Awakin Circle

How does sitting in silence for an hour collectively and listening without judgment lead to strangers becoming family? What does it take to create this sacred space where we feel safe to share our vulnerability? Neeti shares a powerful experience of holding space at another magical Awakin circle. Read Full Story »

Life is Indeed a Song to Sing

A volunteer or a participant? Rahul Hasija volunteered for the first time at a recent Moved By Love retreat and pens down his heart-warming reflections and insights post three days of serving and being served with love. Read Full Story »

Small Acts with Great Love

How do you solve the problem of dirty unkempt toilets with love? A beautiful story of how a group of Teach for India volunteers involved parents and children in the school in a toilet cleaning and maintaining mission. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

Video: The Birdman of Chennai: Sekar has woken up at the crack of dawn to prepare cooked rice for thousands of parrots who visit his terrace each day. This beautiful video brings his rare spirit to life. 

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