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Ishwar kaka lived a life of silent, effortless service. He is the deepest inspiration for our service family and this month as we remember and honor him, we bring stories of effortless service from different parts - exploring inclusion, kids sitting in meditation and heart-made trash-cans. --Ashima and Shaalini

Inclusion Retreat: Inward Flowering In Oneness

40 beautiful souls came together for the 2nd Inclusion Retreat in Hyderabad. Sharing experiences, blindfold experiments and confronting difficult questions; the group explored inclusion from a new perspective. Inclusion is not just about accessibility and equal opportunities; it is a mindset that honors that humanity in each and everyone of us. Read Full Story »

Dustbins of Love: Dil ka Dubba

Dil ka dubba is more than just a trash-can made out of waste. A lot of love from a lot of different people goes in making one dustbin. So much that in very subtle ways these 'heart-made' dustbins are building strong ties between people, creating deep impact and awareness. Read Full Story »

What a 7-year-old is teaching us

Awakin Circles in Baroda are special with kids as young as 4 year old come together to help in the circle. Chopping vegetables, beautifying the space, meditating, and cleaning up - they are deeply involved. These little angels are reminders that there is no minimum age for inner transformation. Read Full Story »

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Remembering Ishwar Kaka: Ishwar kaka, the anchor, the root and the inspiration of our service family, passed away on 26th December 2010. Here's a beautiful song by him reminding us of service and sanitation.

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