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What transpires when a group of like-hearted people come together with no agenda and hold space collectively? As we step into the unknown, something sacred emerges in that field of deep trust and maitri. This month, we bring you a recap of recent retreats held in Ahmedabad, Auroville and Surat. --Ashima and Shaalini

Sangham Sharanam Gachchami: Laddership Retreat, 2017

"I am because we are", it is our deep friendships that uplift & allows us to bloom naturally. 47 ladders connected with the deep values of the ecosystem came together last month for a 3-day Laddership retreat. The intent was to deepen self transformation & thought transformation through our collective space of Maitri. Read Full Story »

Designing for Generosity: Startup Service in Auroville

A group of 40 friends from around the globe gathered in Auroville for a one-day Startup Service gathering to dive deep into the question: how can we design for generosity and lead with inner transformation in our labor-of-love projects. Read Full Story »

Youth Retreat, Surat

At the 1-day Youth retreat in Surat, the youngsters moved everyone by sharing their inspirations and what gives them hope. Exploring how they can amplify their compassion and Be The Change, they left everyone hopeful of a beautiful future! Read Full Story »

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Video: As we talk about the future change-makers, these little angels definitely leave us with a hopeful heart.

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