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This month's newsletter talks about Nurturing - Be it Self or Ecology and the Transformational Shifts it creates in our minds and those of others around us. Simple acts of Giving and Receiving and leading a life full of Satya, Prem and Karuna are things that inspire us to experience the truth of the moment and touch more hearts. Enjoy reading! --Ashima and Shaalini

Being the gentle voice of the trees

Read on to see how Vinod became the voice of the urban forest that he had nurtured for four long years. His words caused a shift in the mind of the engineer who had ordered for the excavation of the trees. An example of genuine heartfelt words leading to transformation. Read Full Story »

In conversation with Arun Dada

During a recent conversation, Arun dada shared about the three pillars of his Life - Satya, Prem & Karuna (Truth, Love, & Compassion). On this internal journey of inner transformation, he says, Forgiveness and Compassion act as guides to overcome prejudices and experience a human being as he truly is in that moment. Read Full Story »

Enveloped with love

"Thoughts become things, Choose the Good ones!" During her first Vipassana course, Kavita aunty witnessed the power of a thought. The intention behind is more important as it sows the seed for the actual act. This heartfelt sharing reflects on how a pure intention of giving translated into an act of receiving Read Full Story »

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BEAUTIFUL: Beauty exists everywhere we go, we just have to open our hearts to see it. Watch the latest video offering by Empty Hands Music.

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