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The Joy of Giving is at its best when it is Unconditional and Universal. This month's newsletter is dedicated to those who make others smile wide - from being a clown with ailing children, to going deep on a journey of stories of childhood friendship, to making that paper boat again. --Ashima and Shaalini

Heart Circles: The Child Within

Do you still remember how to make a paper boat? Join the heartists in this beautiful circle where they revisit their childhood and awaken the child within. Everyone is an artist and HeArt Circle is an invitation to connect with oneself inside and outside. Read Full Story »

The Gift of Presence

A beautiful relationship unfolded when Jignasha befriended some children at the banks of Ganga. Setting her work aside and giving them the gift of her undivided attention, the kids took her on a journey of their own childhood that reminded her of her own. This is the story of "friend didi" and her little guides. Read Full Story »

Spreading Joy through Clowning

Two of our volunteers, Diken (in Ahmedabad) and Tharanath (in Bengaluru) share their transformative experiences through clowning with children who are terminally ill. Every visit to the hospital helps them connect to the child within and learn precious lessons about life from these little ones. Read Full Story »

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We Shall Overcome: Love will and is rising again; One heart at a time. Enjoy Nimo's latest music video inspiring us to overcome suffering and violence, through a heart-based revolution.

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