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A circle encourages inclusion, emphasizes deep listening, cultivates many-to-many emergence and creates a safe space that provides a growing sense of a shared, evolving story. This month’s newsletter brings you stories from circles that nourish different parts of your being - Awakin Circles, Laddership Circles and Kindness Circles. --Ashima

An Incredible Awakin Circle

Here's a heartfelt account of the Ahmedabad Awakin circle from Kishan. He narrates how a simple reading on leadership created a theme of laddership, which the participants experienced at multiple layers. A true example of how the attendees held space when the Anchors were travelling, supported by love received from the Universe. Read Full Story »

The Monsoon Laddership Circle

A Laddership Circle is an example of configuration of People, Projects and Places, who hold space together for 6 weeks and are offered 3 ingredients - personal practices to deepen one's awareness, content that generates more questions and a community that creates resilience. Our Monsoon Laddership Circle is all set to start tomorrow! Read Full Story »

Kindness Circle from Surat to Baroda!

With a noble intention to create a non-competitive atmosphere within the school eco-system, Siddharth initiated Kindness Circles in Baroda. In the past 3 months, they collectively explored what kindness, mindfulness, evolution meant and wondered how we can be better human beings and visualized how they wanted the earth to be:) Read Full Story »

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10 Types of Circles Volunteers can Start!
Moved to serve but don’t know how? Here are 10 circles you could start hosting in your home or local community. With hosting guidelines and stories from circles across the world, this is a great starter guide.

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