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What does it mean to really serve invisibly? What inner practices lead us to trust emergence? How do we honor our interconnection with unconditional love? This month’s newsletter features stories of people serving with an untiring mind and having faith in emergence, being invisible ladders in service. Enjoy! --Vaishali

Reverence For Emergence: Moment of Awe In Warsaw

Love is All you need. Nipun reflects on his collective experiences of serving with an untiring mind, trusting the timing of emergence and taking refuge in our affinities. He says that when we practice this untiring effort with a surrender to emergence, we learn that Gratitude and Suffering cannot co-exist. Read Full Story »

Limitless Love at a Farm in Hyderabad

Anahad is an eco-community in Hyderabad that aspires to live by the principles of love, trust and sustainability. Nisha shares the experiences of Abid and Shabbar, who passed through the shadows of inconvenience to arrive at the light of equanimity and realized that their journey and their neighbor's journey is interwoven. Read Full Story »

Chai and Chat: Rung of a Invisible Ladder

Nirupa and Vijay speak about Chai and Chat, a sweet pay it forward offering from a space of deep gratitude for all that they have received from this community. With unconditional love at the center, they share about holding space for deep listening and conversations with anyone who is at crossroads. Read Full Story »

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Rich Man’s Song:
Mother Teresa mentioned about different kinds of poverty in the world. Vinod Eshwer encourages you to reflect on what makes you rich through this moving real life experience.

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