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“Have you seen love?” Every story here is a story of love made visible through everyday acts of kindness - from holding the door for someone or offering water to pilgrims to starting a kindness drive or a skateboarding park in a village. We hope these stories bring a smile to your heart! --Ashima

In Gurukul, with Arun Dada

Being in the presence of Arun Dada is like living in a Gurukul. His daily practices, his experiences, his stories of Vinoba ji -- every intention, every action, every word is a teaching. Smita shares nuggets of his profound compassion and wisdom from her recent soulful stay with Arun Dada at the Banyan Grove. Read Full Story »

Nishkaam Seva (Selfless Service)

As they walk with forever new seeds of gratitude and service planted in them, Swara and Trupti share stories of invisible acts of kindness -- from an earthen pot filled with water, handmade sign boards to strangers offering tea; every act has touched many pilgrims with no one to thank but only to pass it forward. Read Full Story »

21 Days Kindness Challenge at Maher

Inspired by Kindspring, Christine introduced the 21 days of kindness Challenge in Maher, a home for neglected children and orphans. As 150 children and their house mothers participated in the challenge, they not only did various acts of kindness everyday, but also became attentive of how everyone else around them was being kind! Read Full Story »

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The Barefoot Skateboarders of Janwar: Discover how a skate park is gradually changing the social fabric of a village and addressing some of its most deep rooted issues like untouchability, gender inequality, illiteracy, and alcoholism.

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