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The old African philosophy, Ubuntu, says, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”  In this month’s newsletter, we feature stories that celebrate this interconnectedness. From 35 strangers coming together to create a common maitri space to serving each other’s journeys in unseen ways through laddership circles, to a woman’s journey of turning adversity into a possibility for her and others. --Ashima and Shaalini

We are all inter-be

As 35 of us came together in the sacred premises of ESI, Sughad, we could all at once feel the connection with and the space. Over the 3 days of the head, hands and heart retreat, we connected deeply with each other, sharing our stories and ourselves. As we left, we left behind a part of us and took along a part of everyone within us. Read Full Story »

Laddership: A Field of Possibilities

Last week, we wrapped up our first MBL Laddership Circle. With a very pure intention and humility of not knowing, we held space for each other's journeys in visible and invisible ways resulting in a field of possibilities. A field which can hold paradoxes, is open to nuances, amalgamating edges and is a breeding ground for insights. Parag shares five insights that emerged from these six weeks. Read Full Story »

The Power of Perspective

In this moving TEDx talk, Preethi Sreenivasan talks about the power of perspective, the unconditional love of her parents, near death experiences leading to fearlessness and discovering purpose in her life with Soulfree after a spinal injury confined her to a wheelchair. Read Full Story »

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