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Cooking and serving a warm meal with love and joy for a group of unknown people; stepping into a space of not knowing by holding a question and serving oneself; lending an ear to the helper and serving from where you are and bowing in gratitude to the unknown bunch of women who work odd hours to clean the streets - this month's newsletter weaves together stories of serving from the heart. --Ashima and Shaalini

Karma Kitchen - Hyderabad Tales

One of the beautiful ripples of Awakin Circles in Hyderabad is the inception of Karma Kitchen. Ambika narrates how the collective came together and poured their heart and soul into this bold experiment that reinstated their faith in the power of unity, service and generosity. Read Full Story »

Holding questions on why to hold questions

Is intelligence about having all the answers? Or is it about holding the question for a little longer? In the current age when all the answers are a click away, Parag bhai reflects on the practice of holding questions and the many qualities his mind cultivates with the practice. Read Full Story »

Lessons from the maid

"Do good, be good and good things will happen to you is what I learned from this conversation" shares Pranita, who connected to her helper of two years from the heart when she actively listened to her life's story. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

A bunch of kids set out on a moonlit adventure to surprise the many women, bowing down daily to keep our streets clean, with their cute little acts of kindness. A beautiful story of feeling reverence for the 'Art of Bowing'. Enjoy this sweet video.

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