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Helping Visually Impaired Through Chess (Oct 10, 2018)
Project Checkmate was started by 18 year old Devanshi as an attempt to impart life skills to underprivileged kids and kids with visual impairments.

Action Nort East Camp for Mental Health (Oct 10, 2018)
The Ant camp or Action Nort East camp is just about the only place in these remote parts of Assam that someone with a mental health issue can hope...

Andhra Pradesh aims to become Indian innovation Valley (Oct 10, 2018)
Amravati will be the hub of this innovation which will comprise nine cities inlcuding Media City, Government City, Justice City among others.

First Registry of Sex Offenders Out in India (Oct 10, 2018)
Names, photos and DNA samples — the database will contain information on more than 4.5 lakh cases, including profiles of first time and repeat...

Mind Piper: Untangling Ambiguity Around Mental Health (Oct 3, 2018)
Mind Piper, a New Delhi based social enterprise, is using an integrated framework to address mental health issues for the underserved in India.

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NGO Announcements

Oct 10, 2018: SPJIMR - PGPDM Batch 15 starting on 19th November 2018

Oct 9, 2018: The Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2019

Sep 23, 2018: Extend your helping hand for Kerala flood victims

Sep 22, 2018: CSR funds

Aug 28, 2018: Financial Management for NGOs workshop @ KKID

Jul 17, 2018: SPJIMR's PGPDM Batch 15 starting from 19th November, 2018.

Jul 16, 2018: New Organization Added: F and F career Foundation

Jul 13, 2018: Two day State Level Training Program in Social Enterpreneurship

Jul 10, 2018: Gujarat Forest Dept. Finds Awesome Eco-Alternative to Plastic Pots - Coconut Shells

Jul 6, 2018: JULY EDITION: How an Incubator-Investor platform transformed a dorm startup into a successful company

Jul 6, 2018: Forthcoming Training Programmes at IRMA, Anand, Gujarat

Jul 3, 2018: Brilliant Chennai Boy Creates History, Becomes World’s 2nd Youngest Grandmaster!

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Good News of the Week

Maitri Meals: An Example of Alternative Livelihood for Trafficked Women
In 2016, Maitri Meals began its journey to provide alternate livelihood to the trafficked women living in brothels of GB Road, Delhi's largest red light area. Two women took the plunge and decided to live a new life with dignity and respect.

Bengaluru Oncologist Develops the Best Voice Prosthesis at Rs 50

Innovating Against Poverty

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