For Every Goodbye There Is A Hello! :)

Posted by Pranita Bhat on Feb 2, 2018

For Every Goodbye There Is A Hello! :)


The month of February is here, and we're still blinking as to when a whole month of January passed away! But the month did say goodbye by putting on an intense cosmic play last night when the evening sky was lit with the super blue blood moon. Most of us had our heads up in the sky for a couple of hours, either looking for the moon or staring at the enormity of the sight. :)

That said, there's something else we will soon be saying goodbye to. Some of our senior kids from Brindavan Tent School, which only houses kids till their 4th grade. So last week, we were at the school, doing their endline assessments and we were thrilled by the progress they've made. While the assessments are being analysed, we had a long chat with Sarala Ma'am, who has been taking care of the school and the kids for more than a decade now.

She had interesting insights for us based on her observations of how the kids, the school and the ecosystem have responded to Team KYS' intervention at the beginning of the current academic year in the school. Her thoughts were worth a post of its own, and so we wrote about it. Here's a sneak peek -

"They now try to read different words on their own. They are not necessarily correct, but at least they try. We have been using more difficult words for the 3rd and 4th class. Though they don't wait for me to introduce the words to them anymore. They pick it up from the book themselves!"
Check it out in the recommended reads for this week below -
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