Cultivating Compassion Quotient

For schools and educational communities that share our intention to deepen and broaden the spirit of Compassion Quotient, we offer a few resources below ...

CQ Engagement Spectrum

To get started at your school, we would invite you to explore an engagement spectrum …

  • Smile Cards and Decks – invite kids to use Smile Cards and share stories (like this and this and this); gift Smile Decks (see Indian deck here) to kids who did some acts, and see how you can "search and amplify". 

  • Inspiring content -- you may like to subscribe to some of our portals like DailyGoodKarmaTubeAwakin Readings and KindSpring -- and then find ways to distribute those stories with the students in your communities.

  • Kindness Circles – invite kids to create their own small groups (voluntarily) and host a Kindness Circle (here's a guide with resources).  Find creative ways to encourage them. 

  • 21-Day Challenge – invite teachers to engage in a 21-day challenge (view some of the prompts for themes like kindness and gratitude here, and an overall FAQ here), and then invite students in the second round.

  • Laddership Circle for Educators – this is a 6-week peer to peer circle to deepen your understanding of lots of themes I spoke about.  Typically, it’s for change-makers, but this May, we are piloting one only for Educators.  To sign-up, fill out this form.

  • Guest Speakers -- if your school is engaging with various ideas above, few of us would be happy to come to your school and give a talk, do some activities, brainstorm with teachers and/or whatever is useful.  One of our volunteers is particularly effective with youth – Nimo, who has created very popular raps on kindnessgratitude and more.

  • Educators Retreat – just last week, we completed a 3-day deep dive retreat with about 45 principals and educators in Ahmedabad.  It was quite transformative.  If you’d like to be looped into the ripples from that retreat, or know about other "Hands, Head, Heart" retreats, visit our retreat schedule

  • Local Engagement -- you may like to check out more of Awakin Circles – and pop-up Seva Café’s that happen infrequently.  If you don't know about Seva Cafe, here's a viral video from History Channel from just last week.  It's a greatexperiment to try in school (like this at Fountain Head school in Surat).

  • Globally -- as you may know, ServiceSpace is an incubator of gift ecology projects -- and this slight older Ted Talk, Designing for Generosity, provides a good overview of the ecosystem.

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