"Startup Service" Retreat (Auroville)


What: On Dec 16, 2017, in Auroville, we are hosting our 5th retreat on Startup Service -- an ecology that supports an entrepreneur's journey of inner transformation through outer expression of labour-of-love ventures.

Auroville and ServiceSpace: Auroville is a living laboratory for spiritual and material researches. It is a unique town based in South India where 2,700 residents coming from 53 nations are living together to manifest a living embodiment of an actual human unity. ServiceSpace is a volunteer-driven community that leverages technology to ignite the fundamental generosity in people, creating both inner and outer transformation. It has over 5,00,000 members across the planet and is emerging as a leading incubator for generosity-driven projects. Several members from ServiceSpace and Auroville have been working together over the years and this retreat will hold space for collective intelligence to emerge and ripple out in the universe.

What to Expect: The theme for this gathering is Designing For Generosity. We will bring together people from diverse backgrounds and a common intention of manifesting a Gift Economy. We will look into practical nuances of conscious engagement with money and multiple forms of capital in the current context and also steps we can take to create a future where "money would no longer be the sovereign lord." Having hosted over a hundred retreats focussed on Inner Transformation, we have repeatedly experienced the magic that unfolds when a group of people take a step together into the "unknown" and collectively hold space for sacred emergence.

Who Should Attend: If you are looking for support in the process of starting a new generosity-driven project, adding momentum to an existing project, or collaborating with like-hearted participants on emerging projects in the community, then this would be a great place for you. We will have with us several change-makers from within Auroville and beyond to create a potent field for cross-cultivation. Guests from ServiceSpace include its founder Nipun Mehta from US, pilgrims like Zilong Wang from China, business ladders like Parag Shah from India, entrepreneurs like Katzi and Hermann from Austria to name a few.

To attend, please fill out the application below and we'll get back to you. Participants cover their cost of travel but rest of lodging and logistics are offered as a gift from previous participants. To facilitate deeper connections, we limit most of our retreats to 30 participants and prioritize applications based on commitment to your intention. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.

We're thankful for the inspiration of many such agenda-less gatherings held around the world.