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  Head Hands Heart Online Immersion, August 2020

From the 10th to 16th of August 2020, fifteen participants, eight volunteers, four guests, and innumerable souls not present on the Zoom calls, stepped into an experiment of love. Each person’s journey has started long before that. We did not know how the experiment would unfold, but we came in with our deepest values and highest intentions. COVID-19, the Internet, and Vinobaji’s journey of “achieving a union of hearts” were the conditions that allowed us to convene fr... read full story

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  My Experience With Surat Awakin Circles

Before writing my experience about the Awakin Circles, I would like to narrate a story about it how it all started. About 5 years ago, My parents had gone to Nipun Mehta Uncle’s talk arranged at one of our friends place where in they discussed about starting the Awakin Circles at Surat. At that moment without giving it another thought about how would it be happening or thinking of the feasibility or possibility of hosting at our house since Mom use to go out for her “Vipassana... read full story

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  Amrut Kaka - An Embodiment Of No Exit Policy,

“I dedicate myself to this space until my last breath, only my bier (dead body) will go from this space.” Amrut Kaka shared on his birthday celebration on 26th June 2020m (above pic was clicked same day). Of almost 7 decades of his life, he spent last twenty years at Environmental Sanitation Institute(ESI). Right from the time, when the land for ESI was procured, Amrut Kaka is associated with it. He is the one who witnessed the journey of this barren land (with 1-2 trees) to nou... read full story

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  Matrutva & Maitri: Celebrating Motherhood & Friendship

Every week a few friends of the Vadodara ecosystem come together to cultivate stillness, community, and service. What started as a one time call in the first week of lockdown, has now become a weekly offering of love by Jaimit and Krunal. It is an evolving online circle for us to engage, share, spread joy, and rise through collective consciousness. The anchors have been beautifully holding the space exploring a different theme every week, pouring their love in writing the invitation, and also cr... read full story

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  Connectedness While Being Quarantined

It has been a lock-down period in India since March. Children and parents alike have been confined to home. A time ... may be first ever in one’s life ... when parents and children are together at home 24/7 for more than a month ... you cannot go out to work or to play, you cannot dine out, you cannot pay a visit ... only you and your family - all the time. The family is locked in! Announcement of the 14-day kids-parents duo challenge What a beautiful opportunity to look in-side! kid... read full story

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  A Dance In Karuna -- Tales From Sangeeta Isvaran's Life

For those who haven’t yet met , she is a master performer in Bharatanatyam, has designed a unique Katradi technique of empathy-based social transformation. She has performed in 40 countries & taught her technique in 20 universities across the world. Sangeeta has worked with many marginalised communities, such as sex workers, street children, asylum seekers, indigenous communities, landmine victims, people with disabilities, victims of caste and religious conflict. She has very mindfull... read full story

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  Our First Virtual Head-Hands-Heart Immersion

Can we organize a virtual retreat to align our Head-Hands-Heart? Would people really participate sincerely? Can an online space facilitate intimate interactions with depth and sacredness? While none of us had clear answers, many of us said “Yes” to the experiment of co-creating our first ‘Moved By Love’ Virtual Immersion. The experience has been so enriching and beautiful that it’s impossible to express it fully in words and yet this is an attempt to share a few gli... read full story

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  Moved By Dance @ Maitri Circle With VIDHI

MOVED BY DANCE !!! This week we were moved. Moved out of our comfort zone. Moved out of a routine. We were moved to be ourselves. We were moved to be free; moved to express out of Joy. We were Moved By Love, with the Movements and Moments we got to share with our very special and dear Friend Vidhi !! It does not happen often that when some make you go around the room and get you to sweat more than your Yoga / Gym instructor, instead of fatigue all that you feel is Love, Sheer Joy, Happines... read full story

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  "I am because We are" : Jayeshbhai's Message To Class Of 2020

Jayesh-bhai offers words to the Class of 2020. He invites us to reflect: In the coronavirus pandemic, how can we help compassion to go viral? How can these times prompt us to cultivate wisdom in our daily lives? ... read full story

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  ‘रूबरू रौशनी’

7 मई को स्वाति चक्रवर्ती भटकल हमारे साथ 'अवेकिन टॉक्स' पर जुड़ी। स्वाति एक फिल्म निर्माता, गीतकार एवं संशोधक है | उन्होंने मशहूर भारतीय धारावाहिक ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ में सह-निर्देशक एवं मूल-अ... read full story

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  Wisdom Nuggets From Call With Svati Bhatkal

[Below are the wisdom nuggets from Thursday's call with Svati Bhaktal compiled by Arti and myself with help from many invisible hands. Hindi nuggets will follow soon! So grateful for the all the love warriors behind the scenes.] “Jodi tor dak sune keu na ashe, tobe ekla cholo, ekla chalo, aekla chalo re, aikla cholo re.” - Rabindranath Tagore “Even if no one answers your call, keep going on. Even if you’re alone, keep going on.” “I hope I hol... read full story

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  Coming Home After 5 Months With Narmada

Dear MBL Family and Friends, This email will bring lots of joy and smile on your face :) You will be happy to know that we are back home in Hyderabad, fresh and energetic from a wonderful 5 months walking pilgrimage on the banks of holy river Narmada. The best part of the whole pilgrimage was we could do it as a family (along with my wife Arti and 9yrs old daughter Ojasvi). Arti and I had apprehensions on whether Ojasvi can walk so much and could face the adversities and challenges of the ... read full story

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  Family Kindness Challenge In Surat. 

Surat is hosting a family kindness challenge, which is anchored by servicespace volunteers in surat. The idea to start a Family kindness challenge in Surat came from a virtual Awakin circle held last week, where Rohit was a guest speaker. The virtual circle gave a unique opportunity for the circle to invite him, and he shared with us his efforts of spreading positivity in the lockdown with the Family Kindness Challenge he is anchoring in Ranchi with his friends and family. Local anchors and volu... read full story

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  21-Day KarunaVirus Challenge (in Hindi!)

Inspired by KindSpring and KarunaVirus, we started a #CoVIT21 challenge -- Compassion Virus Inner Transformation of 21 days :)) -- on Facebook and WhatsApp groups, which ended today. We selected 5 acts from each - Kindness, Reverence, Gratitude and Mindfulness and created beautiful posters for each of them - 21 Days Posters The prompts were: Reverence Practice wishing well for others Thank you note for 3 public servant Do something you have been putting off See strength in... read full story

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  Karuna Virus, Karuna Act And Karuna Wifi

[For last few days Jayesh Bhai is churning with his thoughts and reflections on Karuna Virus. It is incredible to witness the bhaav that is collectively emerging through deep sharing and listening. Sharing a few snippets of the same here.] Since the past few days, in the wake of all that is emerging, I do not feel fear. Instead, I sense a space of calm and mindfulness. I feel a deep sense of love and prayer for universal goodness. Carrying this sacred space at the level of thought and act... read full story

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  Sister Lucy Meets Pope Francis (again!)

When Sister Lucy met Pope Francis 2 years ago, she asked him for his blessings, and he turned it back around and asked Sister Lucy to give him her blessings! What did she ask him this year? :-) Blessed, humbled, and honored to have her as a guiding light on our journey! ... read full story

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  Seva Cafe: Gratitude Gathering On Completion Of 14

Celebrating the journey of 14 years, 14 days and 14 hours of Seva Cafe with a gratitude circle with 50+ volunteers in person and holding hundreds in intentions! Circle begin with gratitude towards an old couple, who didn't have much for themselves, yet offered all they had to Jayesh bhai and Anar didi for their lunch. The spirit of love and compassion touched their hearts deeply. Recalling the experience, Anar didi shared that, that moment triggered a thought - did we ever host anyone w... read full story

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  Thank You, Kanchan Mama!

Our Kanchan dada would have his last journey in his physical body today evening. Firmly believe that his soul will rest in peace and will keep on blessing our noble intentions. We visited Kanchan dada on 1st Oct, in his village Bhanpur going through health issues. It was an experience to witness his pious smile and blessing. As he saw Jayesh bhai, didi and ESI family members, his joy expanded and extended. While his body is suffering severely, his soul blessed everyone. Feel grace that we hav... read full story

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  Anahad, A Heart-Life Institute In The Making

How many ex-Microsoft employees are needed to light-bulb the change? The answer: Two. The catch? The two must be brothers! This is a story of two brothers, their family and friends and a bold experiment that people like Mahatma Gandhi and Margaret Mead would have been happy about. Abid Ali and Shabbar Hussain grew up in a middle class Indian family. Like many smart kids they became software engineers, became star performers at Microsoft, got married, had kids, built homes, nurtured f... read full story

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  By Thy Grace

Dear family, I am humbled before His Grace and was moved to share my gratitude with all you. When Mother Teresa left her mortal body, somehow, I desperately rued the fact that though I made umpteen rounds of various temples, I had made no effort whatsoever to meet her, to take blessings of such a living Saint. The idea of being a mother , beyond our two sons, took birth then. I am still trying and it is a lifelong practice and learning to be a mother. As I started reading noble books,... read full story

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