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  'What I Learned From My Time With Jayeshbhai'

There are few things more difficult than capturing profound experiences in words. Language becomes like fetters that limit how far one can venture. However, fettered in language, I still try to capture time spent with Jayesh Patel (Jayeshbhai) of Manav Sadhna. Why did I ‘shadow’ Jayeshbhai? Those who are connected to Jayeshbhai have a sense of the impact his presence can leave you with. For me he represents a living legacy of Gandhian ideas. At times, he simplifies metaph... read full story

Posted by Abhishek Thakore on Oct 17, 2016 | permalink

  A new approach to Sustainability

Our global family came alive at Sugad last week, as young change agents from 9 different countries (across 4 continents) came together for a retreat. The intent was to explore ‘sustainability’ in a totally new light: a very Indian approach to deal with the challenge of sustainable development being faced by humanity. As a part of Sustainaware, we travelled to different countries and understood their challenges, underwent their training programs and served there – from Nige... read full story

Posted by Abhishek Thakore on Nov 29, 2014 | permalink