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  Free Hugs in Baroda's Kamati Baug!

There's been a lot of discussion on the science of touch, and how it is preventive medicine. And there's also been some great experiments. Hugs are universal medicine and the best part about a hug is is you cant give one without getting one!  Religions dissolved, apprehensions inhibited, hearts were bridged , an abundance of love overflowed when a group of volunteers in Baroda decided to dedicate a Saturday morning to spreading love and smiles to reach out to people and ma... read full story

Posted by Aparna Iyer on Jun 22, 2013 | permalink

  It is when you give of Yourself that you truly Give - Moments in Reflections of a Wednesday Circle

[When Khushroo and his wife spoke at an Awakin Ahmedabad, one of the listeners was Aparna Iyer.  She blogged her experience as follows.] Meditation is rightly called the food for the soul. It the moment when you connect to your true self and are at peace with your heart. It is when you are overwhelmed with love, compassion and gratitude. The moment when you are aware of your breath, devoid of thoughts and one with the higher self. What happens when 25 souls c... read full story

Posted by Aparna Iyer on Mar 2, 2012 | permalink