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  "I am because We are" : Jayeshbhai's Message To Class Of 2020

Jayesh-bhai offers words to the Class of 2020. He invites us to reflect: In the coronavirus pandemic, how can we help compassion to go viral? How can these times prompt us to cultivate wisdom in our daily lives? ... read full story

Posted by Ashima Goyal on May 23, 2020 | permalink

  The 'Old Goldy' Club Of Nagpur!

"Shreenabh, a young boy from Nagpur, was moved to re-kindle the bond between the elderly and the young. A chance encounter of seeing his friend's grandfather spend time with the kids gave him an idea that led to the 'Oldy Goldy Club'. Shreenabh shared the ongoing journey of the club in an essay which won the GOI Peace Foundation's Award last year. He recently shared his essay with us. Sharing the inspiration with everyone!" When I see old people around me looking ... read full story

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Jul 26, 2019 | permalink

  We are all ‘inter-be’

As 35 of us came together in the sacred premises of ESI, Sughad, we could all at once feel the connection with the space. Our hearts were connected as we gathered in front of peace pole, holding hands, offering our gratitude for the seeds sowed by our ancestors that led to this day and time in our journeys. As we entered the Maitri hall, we were greeted with this quote: “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into an instant flame by an encounter with another HUMAN BEING... read full story

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Apr 4, 2017 | permalink

  The Circle of Volunteering

“It’s amazing to see the girls giving back..” said Ana.   Ana is the volunteer co-ordinator at the foundation where I volunteer. One of the project’s of the foundation is Medical Clowns — where a trainer comes to work with theatre volunteers to train them as medical clowns. These medical clowns then visit children wards in hospitals. At the beginning it was experimental but soon hospital started to see the difference the clowns were making both in the keeping... read full story

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Sep 29, 2014 | permalink

  SpiriTed Talks from the Moved By Love Retreat

At the Moved By Love Retreat in December, 4 of our dear friends stepped up to shared stories from their journey with the entire circle. Here are some moments from the talks! Birju Pandya: Birju Pandya focuses on the nexus of money, social good and inner transformation. He is a Managing Director with Armonia, a private equity firm specializing in ‘regenerative investing’ using nature-based solutions. He is also a senior advisor to RSF Social Finance, focusing on projects whic... read full story

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Apr 15, 2014 | permalink