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  Circle of Inclusive Friends

[Originally Posted by Ashwin Karthik]My participation in the Inclusion Retreat, held in Gujarat, gave me an opportunity to meet some great people. With our hearts connected, we came together again a week back, with a determination to pull off something amazing. The venue chosen was my residence, which was aptly named – ‘The House of FRIENDSHIP.’ The Circle Of Friends This retreat was the brainchild of a Master Blaster – a techie turned entrepreneur turned Heartprene... read full story

Posted by Ashwin Karthik on Feb 28, 2017 | permalink

  Four Poems, When I Was Moved by Love

[Originally Posted by Ashwin Karthik] OM I was introduced to ServiceSpace last year, while I was preparing for my TedX speech. It was my dream to be a Ted speaker, and TedX was good enough to excite me if not the Ted. So I started looking for the best Ted talks to pickup some tips that I could use in my speech as well.  That is when I heard Nipun Bhai's Ted talk. And soon I was fortunate enough to listen to him in person at IIS 2015, where my mentor Ferose had invited him as a spea... read full story

Posted by Ashwin Karthik on Dec 12, 2016 | permalink