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  A Minute Of Silence At NID, Ahmedabad

A few weeks ago, two of my seniors at NID - Itika and Gonga, as a part of their 10 weeks System Design Project, selected their topic as "quality of life". So somehow the professor asked them to go visit Sughad and they ended up meeting few people there and landed up joining the retreat which was going to begin the next day. And today morning they all had a presentation and I was smiling so much when I saw the batch presentation starting with a minute of silence and in a circle. ... read full story

Posted by Darpan trivedi on Apr 3, 2018 | permalink

  The 2 Rs Magic

[Some of you might have read about the curious case of Mihir who went on a little experiment that changed his relationship with money. In a similar experiment Darpan was tagged with Rs 13. Rounding it off to Rs 20, Darpan realised he had just about Rs 2 for every act. He shares how the experiment unfolded for him beautifully.] So my sister (Drishti) was tagged with Rs1050 with a letter for a week and the task was not to use more than 10% in a single act. So it was as usual amazing experience ... read full story

Posted by Darpan Trivedi on Apr 24, 2015 | permalink

  Tying Love this Friendship Day!

Last year's touching experience of friendship day made us to move on roads even this time and celebrate friendship day with all our wonderful friends in the society who make our life comfortable and peaceful. Our friends like the milk man, police men's, watchman, shop keepers, vegetable vendors, doctors, traffic police, fire men, news paper boy, rickshaw drivers, best bus drivers and conductors and our parents. The thought that what if tomorrow morning we wake up and we need to do all these t... read full story

Posted by Darpan Trivedi on Sep 7, 2014 | permalink

  Local Heroes | Usha Prabhakar

Often times, watching the news and reading newspapers it's hard to remember the presence of good in the world. And yet it is constantly around us. The world is full of everyday heroes and true stories of transformation. They have helped sustain life down the ages in a multitude of ways, small, simple and profound. This is a small attempt at shining a light on these stories and in doing so to change the nature of our conversations.  The day starts with sparkling light of sun, creating... read full story

Posted by Darpan Trivedi on May 30, 2014 | permalink

  Remembering Gandhi-ji in a different way

Often, 2nd October is the only day when we remember the man who struggled for freedom of our nation, the man who walked miles so people get their rights. The man who decided to wear only a dhoti (loin-cloth) till all Indians had clothes to wear, the man who took a bullet on chest while walking on the road of non-voilence to make India free. The Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi. So, to celebrate his birthday a group of us youngsters decided to dedicate the day to him by following so... read full story

Posted by Darpan Trivedi on Oct 27, 2013 | permalink