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  A New Morning To Maitri Meals!

In 2016, Maitri Meals began its journey to provide alternate livelihood to the trafficked women living in brothels of GB Road, Delhi's largest red light area. Two women took the plunge and decided to live a new life with dignity and respect. Over the span of one year, the women prepared, packed, and sold more than 3000 healthy and hygienic meals. The project was put on hold in 2017 as the ladies went for trainings in several other aspects of kitchen management than just cooking. Amidst all... read full story

Posted by Geetanjali Babbar on Sep 21, 2018 | permalink

  Maitri Meals - Meals for Friendship

A Maitri Meal as the name suggests is meal for friendship, a meal which not only connects friends but connects the cook with the one who is enjoying it. This friendship is not an ordinary friendship, in Maitri you connect with those beautiful souls whose beauty has always been hidden. These women spend their life in just nurturing their outer beauty, they never get a chance to really feel how beautiful their heart is. But with every box of Maitri Meals, these women are getting that chance to con... read full story

Posted by Geetanjali Babbar on Oct 25, 2016 | permalink

  A "Pyar ka Mohalla" fosters Love at GB Road

For the ordinary citizen in Delhi, GB Road means a number of things. For us at KatKatha, it is our home and 15th August, 2014 was dedicated for the Independence of our didis and children who are marginalised by society and therefore do not have the pleasure of living a normal life like all of us and celebrate fearlessly. It was to be their day under the sky to help put behind them years of neglect and disdain by capturing the “Road less Travelled” as their own. Dreaming is the Eli... read full story

Posted by Geetanjali Babbar on Aug 25, 2014 | permalink