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  When Moved by Love Friends Met Dada Vaswani

[In June, various friends of Moved by Love came together in Pune to support the recovery of our friend Neerad. En route, we had the occasion to meet Dada Vaswani and below is a transcript.] Sheetal: Dada, we are all pilgrims on the path, and have had our certain journeys, and yet have long ways to go. We seek your guidance (on the path home). Dada: Love and truth go hand in hand. I wonder if you have heard the name of the French girl professor Simone Weil. She h... read full story

Posted by Khushmita on Jul 12, 2016 | permalink

  Our First Moved by Love Call

After an eventful 2015, this year has already been packed with lots of events.  Already, we've held three retreats in Ahmedabad with volunteer support from many like Aabha, Bhumika and Madhu; Ragu and Nisha's day-long workshop in Hyderabad inspired more than 100 people; Smita-ben's NGO Founders retreat has led to changes in organizations across the country; in Surat, Parag continues to seed many kindness ripples; Deven and the most recent Startup Service crew&n... read full story

Posted by Khushmita on Mar 19, 2016 | permalink

  Maitri Milan 2015 - Connecting through Maitri, service and love

“The mathematical rules which are true for a small triangle are equally true for a big one.” Said Vinoba Bhave as he referred to the problems of the world and how they could be solved by focusing on a smaller area like a village or at an even micro level within oneself. Mihir from Surat explored what 'within us' causes things to happen on the 'outside' on his train journey to Ahmedabad which shifted his heart at a recent retreat. Madhu bhai shared a beautiful video of Ishwar Da... read full story

Posted by Khushmita on Nov 30, 2015 | permalink

  Proteins for the Soul! ~ Vandanaa Neginhal

A Dear participant of the Moved by Love Retreat held in September 2015, sent us this beautiful poem on her experience :) “Go go go ...just go to MBL dont ask questions “...said my friend Bubbles Precisely how i landed in Sugadh leaving behind all my troubles.......................... The logical mind kept asking me “ whaaat ? you don’t even know where you are going ?” And a hopeful heart answered , Bubbles knows what she is doing .................. ... read full story

Posted by khushmita on Nov 12, 2015 | permalink

  Circle of love @ the urban ashram

What started as a simple invitation to the community to come together and share our joys, tears and hopes together over the weekend, truly turned into a festival of love that moved and stirred something within all of us in its wake. As 20 of us gathered on saturday evening at The Urban Ashram, with no expectations, no answers but a lot of hope, faith and surrender that if we sit together in a circle and speak the language of our hearts and share from an authentic space offering deep listeni... read full story

Posted by Khushmita on Apr 7, 2015 | permalink