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  The brave girls of Dongri!

There is something about the Dongri girls which keeps calling me back. If I reflect what it is, most of all it is how they express so much without words. This time around, there was a quick acknowledgement of recognition. It felt nice, the slight belonging.. Then they just picked up colors! Mitali* had been so hesitant to paint last time. She had made me draw outlines and carefully filled them in. This time, she dint even need my outlines! The rest of the evening, she squealed with joy to ev... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Apr 4, 2015 | permalink

  Planting Seeds of of a Love-olution through Art

This past month was a great reminder and opportunity to see how Art has its own wordless language of connection; to hold space for deep listening and reflection with some lovely kindred souls. Early in the month, we celebrated a week of “The Lovelution Tour” with Project Creo, at the Dongri Remand home in Mumbai. They offered music, I offered art, and together we wrapped the kids in a few fleeting moments of joy. It is beyond presumptuous for me to think we are making a difference... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Mar 3, 2015 | permalink

  Co-Create Art with Drishti Foundation

The NGO sector in India is a culture of its own. Personally having lived and served at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad over the past four years, I have lived closely with such inspiring people. They have committed their lives to serving community and humanity, often at an expense of tending to their own needs. A few weeks ago I was invited to do a Co Create Art session with the Drishti Human Resource Center. It was going to be their annual gathering with NGO heads from 13 different organizatio... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Feb 5, 2015 | permalink

  Colors of Love: Pyaar Ka Mohalla at Kat-Katha, Delhi

We arrived early, as the sun was slowly rising in the cold Delhi, smoggy sky. We stood outside the brothels with big cans of paint and brushes. The older children had been up all night priming walls and columns in the light of their mobile phones, while clients bustled all night in this ‘market’. The ‘didi’s’ watched us warily, sipping morning tea in their dingy corridors. Their children were bursting with excitement, even having been up all night. They ran to thei... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Jan 3, 2015 | permalink

  Art with Heart in Mumbai

“Art with Heart” expressed itself recently in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS, Mumbai) at the Centre of Lifelong Learning. Here, students of ages ranging from 25 to 75 are immersed in courses in gerontology, youth development and counselling. This thoroughly participative and enthusiastic group had already been through two days of dance and storytelling. Diversity in age and background made them a remarkable mix of talent, deeply supportive and empathetic towards one ... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Oct 1, 2014 | permalink

  TEDx Bangalore: From Solving to Serving to Surrender

Our dear friend Nimo Patel was recently invited to share his journey with Empty Hands at the TEDx event in Bangalore. Here is the just-released video - 'From Solving to Serving to Surrender' with his talk and performance of Being Kind :) And here's a sneak peak from a beautiful documentary made by Ellie Walton on his upcoming Empty Hands Tour! ... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Mar 27, 2014 | permalink

  A Circle of Giving in Mumbai

On the 22nd of December, we found ourselves in the beautiful Retreat house set amidst lush greenery in Mumbai, where 40 sets of hands and hearts offered their time and love to one another. The space already carried the vibrations of noble fathers and sisters of the church, who were Moved By Love along in the course of the day, reaffirming their trust in Inter-faith traditions. From the time we stepped into the campus, we were all inspired by the energy of the young volunteers who cr... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Dec 22, 2013 | permalink

  A Servant of Peace

As a servant of peace, Gopal Dada dedicated the last several decades of his to the work of bringing peace to his community. After walking with the likes of Vinoba Bhave in the Bhoodan Movement, Gopal dada moved to his community in Unjha, where he has been working with children and within them imbibing simple human values of Truth, Love and Compassion.  Here is a video of him singing about the unity in nature :)   ... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Sep 3, 2013 | permalink

  Moved By Love in April

  We gathered from seven different cities and diverse backgrounds, holding one common thread between us - to integrate a little more kindness and generosity into our lives. In a world torn by stories of negativity and consumption, the April Moved By Love Retreat was a gathering of 30 people who decided to open their hearts and give unconditionally for three days :)    From just the opening circle in the morning, once could tell just how fear... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Apr 29, 2013 | permalink

  A small act of kindness

Kailash comes home every fortnight to collect old newspapers and magazines for recycling. Somehow i have never had a chance to meet him, I just know someone comes by and de-clutters our home regularly. His invisible service is a blessing for homes, for the environment, and keeps the few trees left in Mumbai, smiling.  Yesterday I happened to be home when he came by. giving 9 rupees per kilo for newspapers and 6 rs for magazines, he shyly offered me 120 rupees on measuring my lot. ... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Jan 13, 2013 | permalink

  Create heaven wherever you are

Theres no arguing that an interaction with Vandana Agarwal, or Vandana-didi is one that you will not forget. A few moments in her presence will leave you with an energy that is bubbling with eagerness. An eagerness that has fueled her decade long journey in service with organizations like Manav Sadhna and Gramshree. What started out as a simple home cooked offering for street children rippled out into several programs for both women and children since 2001. From the Earn N Learn prog... read full story

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Dec 29, 2012 | permalink