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  Why I needed this experience

So it's been 5 days in the refugee camp, so many stories that don't know where to start. Day starts at 10 am with reporting in the warehouse of Care4calle Organisation. Before lunch we do sorting of donations and clothes and after lunch is distribution and other activities in the camp, which is about 15 min drive from the warehouse. What has struck me most is the courage and resilience of the refugees, mostly young between 17- 30 years, they don't want charity but an opportunity ... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Jun 24, 2016 | permalink

  Shuchita Sangam Retreat -2 (Jan 30 -1st Feb 2015)

"Vyaktigat shunyata samuhik purnata", we often hear these words of Vinoba, and now through our retreats I am am able to relate with them. In our moved by love retreats, we hold space for lot of first time friends and as a volunteer it requires to be fully present to co-create and hold sacred space for others. In this space I feel the above words become relevant, how do we dissolve our individual needs and identity so that we can serve others who are present. Coming to an MBL retrea... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Feb 6, 2015 | permalink

  Maitri Milan - 2014

40 volunteers from across the Moved By Love eco-system gathered for the annual 'Maitri Milan' or 'Gathering of Noble Friends' at the ESI Campus on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The three days saw us laughing like clowns, tearing up like children and holding circles for sharing well beyond 4 hours! It's hard to explain what brings together people in this spirit. It became all the more apparent to me at the Evening of Inspiration watching stories of people as diverse as Lahar, Pratyush, Paragbha... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Oct 5, 2014 | permalink

  Ram Hari - reflections from Paunar

A film from my recent visit to the Brahma Vidya Mandir (a community for women founded by Vinoba) at Paunar :)... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Oct 4, 2014 | permalink

  Smiles from a Yatra

Over the past few months, a few of us were blessed to undetake a 'Pilgrimage' or Yatra across the country through a film making intiative. Through the project, we were humbled to see the incredible response from 10 year olds to 60 year olds! All coming together to create films with a simple pure intention of creating transformation in their own hearts. No doubt, on the outside it was an incredibly large project, with over 500 teams and 2000 filmmakers signing up, but the greatest inspi... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Sep 3, 2013 | permalink

  Everybody all at Once

When asked to share my experiences about a retreat I attended in Switzerland, I wrote out my reflections in the form of a letter to my 2 year old daughter.  Beloved Reva Deep gratitude to your mother for holding the space, deep gratitude to every being which made my coming here possible and deep gratitude to our family and community with whom I am able to grow. As I was coming to Switzerland for this retreat, I wasn't completely sure what it was, I was not too excited nor... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Jul 17, 2013 | permalink

  Infinite Visionaries

In early February, we had a surprise guest speaker for Wednesday meditation: Pavithra Mehta!  She is a writer-filmmaker in a family of 21 eye surgeons. This might explain why she shares stories that help people see.  You might know her for her poetry, or perhaps her book Infinite Vision (which incidentally was on the homepage of NY Times last week), or perhaps her visionary work behind ServiceSpace projects like DailyGood and Karma Kitchen.   Here she s... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Mar 18, 2013 | permalink

  Learning from the life of Ishwar Bhai Patel

On 26th December 2012, exactly two years after the passing of Ishwar Patel a group of friends decided to spend an hour in silence at the Safai Vidyalaya. For most people present, the space represented a lifetime dedicated to an inner purification through outward sanitation.  A few friends shared what values from his life they hope to take into their journeys.  From Sahajta (effortlessness), Shubhecha (blessing all) and Shanti (peace) to Inner Purity and learning from sm... read full story

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Jan 26, 2013 | permalink