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  Last Scene Of The Drama :)

We share gratitude on behalf of many in America, who are grateful for Arun Dada's visit -- just after his first circle. :) Last Wednesday, Arun Dada spoke at our Awakin Circle, as Professor Pandya elegantly translated! He opened with a Kabir song, with a translation -- and by the time he closed with a song, none of us even needed to know the meaning. Moved by Love. So many touching transformations. He has a growing list of invites, to build on his already overflowing itinerary. Jiggy h... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 22, 2019 | permalink

  Arun Dada Lands In America! :)

What a joy to receive Arun Dada and Jignasha in America today! See some photos here. He arrived with first-class karma (courtesy of Jiggy insisting on him using a wheelchair :)). Audrey raced up to go touch his feet (later, at dinner, he gave a new name to Audrey -- "OldTree"). Bradley offered him a hand-made heart pin! We all hugged, bowed, laughed, and felt so grateful. Ari came by with his own version of a pin for Arun Dada and Jignasha that read: Love is the Answer. We did a par... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 17, 2019 | permalink

  48 Hours in Delhi

Few days ago, I had a short layover in Delhi, en route to Bhutan, but I just couldn't touch India and not step in. So I extended my layover in Delhi for 48 hours. :) Just now, I saw this email that reminded me of those powerful hours in Delhi: Dear Friends, I am still in awe of the Grace received while together, and my silence the result of a heart full. Words seem so silly and yet not. "Thanks" feel so inadequate in the light of what was experienced, yet I thank you all from every... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on May 10, 2015 | permalink

  Chance Encounter With 96-Year-Old Dada Vaswani

I had met him once before. Also by chance. Last November, I was sick and my body was weak, but Sheetal felt deeply called to have me accept Dada Vaswani's invitation to attend a public program. It meant that I would have to cancel my flight and instead, spend the entire night sleeping sideways on a moving bus. Sheetal, however, is a long-time partner in service, so I went with his intuition. Our gang of 6 was cordially seated in the front row, with more than a thousand folks behind us. The... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Jan 3, 2015 | permalink

  Startup Service: Dance of Abundance

Every entrepreneur had a story. Growing up, Yash and his friends would often step out of his house at 3AM to get “idli sambhar” from a street fellow on a bicycle. More recently, he got to thinking about the styrofoam plates he ate from, and wondered if there was an alternative to stashing his trash in a landfill for 500 years. Two years ago, Aabha experimented with her diet, and after losing 12 kilograms, she discovered that her food habits had changed her lifestyle! Now, she wan... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Oct 25, 2014 | permalink

  Five Days in Bangalore

Lots of inspiration unfolded in the last five days in Bangalore. It started on Friday night, with an Awakin gathering at Rajesh and Vallari's place.  Awakin Circles have a simple format of an hour of meditation, followed by a circle of sharing and then dinner offered by the host.  And it feels like magic every time, no matter which part of the world.  Thirty people in the circle all held a powerful space together.  One woman described her experiments of connecting with the... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Nov 2, 2013 | permalink

  Bulldozed by Love, in the Company of Noble Friends

The gifts were varied and unconventional: "Two apples from my community."  "A fist full of space."  "Myself."  "A Spanish translation of The Power of Now."  "A prayer that I composed."  "My dearest earrings my husband gave me when we were in college."  "A bow."  "The first Smile Card I ever received, that Ive carried with me for 4 years."  "A World flag, with a story.&... read full story

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 11, 2013 | permalink