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  Nuggets From Awakin Talk With Heartists, Moderated By

13 years old Simran introduced Nimo. She shared that Nimo has created globally acclaimed shows like Jai Jagat, Ekatva etc. with slum children of ahmedabad but what touches her even more is instilling values in them through small acts whether it is neatly arranging the footwear or starting all their sessions with prayers, etc. Nimo introduced Daniel, Ellie and Anand saying that these three were his favourite artists in the planet and probably that has a lot to do with who they are as human being... read full story

Posted by Rohit Rajgarhia on Dec 7, 2020 | permalink

  Laddering And BEING LADDERED In The Circle!

Next MBL laddership circle begins in a few days, and the volunteers are having a great time (read tough time) absorbing the applications - the diversity and richness of the applicant’s work and their commitment to inner practices. Take for instance, Shreenabh Agrawal. His work spans across science, social service and literature. In this course, he has received 10 international awards, numerous national awards and published two books, authored over 65 articles. He has a keen eye to obser... read full story

Posted by Rohit Rajgarhia on Aug 5, 2019 | permalink