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  Karma Kitchen in Baroda!

"What is holding us from being kind but then I sense, we are fine… It will all happen, one small step at a time!"  - These beautiful words are from our dear friend Nimo's Being Kind song which I thought expresses the journey we make for spreading kindness to every single soul! I remember almost three years back we were sitting a hotel of Vadodara with Anar didi and Lahar sharing the idea of Seva Café as we were super excited to start one in the city. But you know ... read full story

Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Apr 1, 2014 | permalink

  Balloon Smiles

Kalyani, an intern with Vadodara Causes did a beautiful full of smiles act last week. Kalyani is an intern from law faculty of MSU who wanted to do something good for the city. Recently, she went to the different places in Vadodara and gifted balloons to the kids who were on streets. She was so touched when she was talking with one of the girls, Sarod ( bottom-right in the picture) that she wrote a poetry dedicated to her. Dedicated to a little girl named SAROD. The girl who don’t ... read full story

Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Dec 21, 2011 | permalink

  The U-Turn

Her name was Nanda. She’d come to Gujarat to be with her family after her in-laws abused her violently and she could take it no more. Even though she had expected her family to support her at her time of need, fate had other plans. Nanda’s return to her poverty stricken family only meant one thing- an extra mouth to feed. It was true that nanda was young enough to work. But she was four months pregnant, which made it difficult to be of much help. Still, her family forced her to wo... read full story

Posted by Rushabh Gandhi on Dec 17, 2011 | permalink