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  How Shaheen was Moved By Love

Shaheen Mistri visited the Bombay slums as a teenager, and never quite left.  She started Akanksha Foundation, to impact the lives of less privileged children through informal and formal education.  Over the past two decades, the organization has expanded from 15 children in one centre in 1989 to over 3,500 children in 58 centers and 6 schools.  Few years ago, Shaheen also pioneered Teach for India, a nationwide movement with the mission to build a movement of leaders who will ... read full story

Posted by Sandeep Brahmbhatt on Mar 26, 2013 | permalink

  SpiriTed Talks From Winter 2012

SpiriTed circles have been a highlight at the Moved By Love Retreats that are held once a month. The space is held by the participants at the retreat, and a few speakers are invited to share moments of generosity from their journey in service.  Here are few of them from the last few months ...  Shaheen: Few people would not know who Shaheen Mistri is. The founder of stellar organizations like Akanksha and Teach For India, you can comfortably say she is an in... read full story

Posted by Sandeep Brahmbhatt on Jan 31, 2013 | permalink