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  Heartist's Expression

“Compassion isn’t about solutions. It’s about giving all the love you have got.” Recently I was at a cancer home where kids and parents live together. Every day these families fight the struggle against cancer, together.  I feel blessed that I get some time with these kids living with cancer each week, and we find joys in those little hours.  Last week  we did a heart circle where the kids got an opportunity to just be the way they are. They were to... read full story

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Feb 14, 2018 | permalink

  Art and its infinite possibilities

Every moment is a possibility from the tangent of life, and each moment turns up like a dew drop to the present situation. Yet another evening at heArt circle helps me bring back my areas of possibilities through my life’s jigsaw puzzle. The inter-tangle pieces of mind land up in confusions and I can feel resonated as every time I come across a situation and its momentary joy. The colors help me portray the significance and connected-ness as life predicts different shades in so many way... read full story

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Aug 10, 2017 | permalink

  Compassion makes Life Simple

Childhood has always been so full of glimpses where we all have had beautiful experiences. At times we have struggled to be expressed, at times we have just been understood. One such feeling I always had within me was to really put across  myself in the most vibrant colors, but was never ever able to do it. My own constraints that, "what will happen if I do it,what will others think?" These non-approving and not so accepting thoughts occupied me and were like a hammer to me sin... read full story

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Mar 10, 2017 | permalink

  Now I’m inspired even when I lose!

How happy can we ever be , if we lost a game? I was wondering this when I was reminded of a very sweet experience. I met my friend Reva , a five year old girl who taught me the happiness in losing. One day I visited her, and we played games after games. Initially she won, but later she started losing the games and still she was really happy. I was amazed to see that how a five year old can not get upset over losing. When I questioned her that why are you not sad after losing the games, her an... read full story

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Nov 18, 2016 | permalink