SpiriTed Talks From Winter 2012

Posted by Sandeep Brahmbhatt on Jan 31, 2013

SpiriTed circles have been a highlight at the Moved By Love Retreats that are held once a month. The space is held by the participants at the retreat, and a few speakers are invited to share moments of generosity from their journey in service.  Here are few of them from the last few months ... 

Shaheen: Few people would not know who Shaheen Mistri is. The founder of stellar organizations like Akanksha and Teach For India, you can comfortably say she is an inspiration for anyone in the education field in India. But a few moments with her will reveal that its never been about the numbers and the impact. The compassionate warmth that she radiates envelopes all those in her presence, and you can see the journey was always about children. In opening her heart and serving with what she had. A mere conversation with anyone in her team will reflect exactly this - Serving to unlock the potential in those around us.


Deepika: "I started by trying to dominate nature, but now I practice becoming an instrument of nature,” the 25-year-old Dipika shared. Rather quietly, in just one sentence, she bowled everyone over. "People didn’t understand what I was trying to do, until I got an international award once.”  Why?  She had planted a million trees.  Yes, million.  Not only did others understand, but her own father was inspired to sell his hospital and become a full-time farmer and an advocate of natural healing.


Nimesh Patel: Having just phased out a 3 years movement called Ekatva across the globe, Nimesh Patel shares what it took to work with 16 slum children through a process that not only transformed them and the audience but also himself. You can read more about this Wharton Graduate and ex-HipHop star here.


Vandana Agarwal: A few moments with Vandana-Didi will leave you with an energy that is bubbling with eagerness. An eagerness that has fueled her decade long journey in service with organizations like Manav Sadhna and Gramshree. What started out as a simple home cooked offering for street children rippled out into several programs for both women and children since 2001. From the Earn N Learn program for children off the streets, to driving the revenue growth for a social enterprise for women, to performing her duties as a loving wife and mother, Vandana didi is always on the move -- on the move towards her aspiration of creating heaven wherever we are.


Shammi began his journey in film-making for causes, bringing awareness in organic farming and the benefits of healthy eating. Over the years, he has touched the lives of several people with his insights and personal practices that he sees as ‘Being the Change’.
For the last few years though, he has spent time conducting workshops in Non-Violent Communication, all offered in the spirit of Gift Culture. In fact, he believes that Gif-tiv-ism isn’t an ideal or a myth, but is the foundation on which society runs even today.


Suma: Can Work be the purest form of Self-expression? was the question Suma asked herself when she decided to quit her mainstream role as a journalist for a lifestyle magazine. Can it actually be something we derive joy from, a better understanding into ourselves? These thoughts may seem absurd to some, but to Suma they were enough to take a giant leap of faith to begin a journey with Life Positive. A magazine that hopes to bring awareness towards holistic living.


Jyotsana Parmar: Born and raised in the Ramapir No Tekro, Ahmedabads largest slum community, Jyotsana shares a few insights on what it is like leading the efforts at the Rudra Centre for Women in the same area. She trusts that Empowering Women entails serving them in a way that they realize their true potential. More than equality and rights, it is about them understanding their role in their homes as well as in society. And along the way, she hopes to keep learning and serving with humility. She hopes that the Rudra Centre becomes a space within the community for both inner and outer transformations.


Priti Turakhia is founder of the Kabir Festival in Bombay. In this talk, she speaks candidly about working at high levels of the corporate world, and the compromises she had to make along the way. After discovering Kabir, she goes to start the festival in Bombay and expose thousands to the spirit of renunciation and oneness that is Kabir. Beyond that, though, she also discovered singing and farming and aims to live in deeper and deeper alignment with each passing day.

And a few bonus clips from more up and coming inspirations:


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