Gujarati Interview of Gopal-Dada

Posted by Harshida on Apr 3, 2011

Freedom Fighter now into environment movement

86 year old Gopaldada is still keeping alive Vinoba Bhave's movement of PEACE. With the daily routine of keeping 7 steets in Unjha clean, Gopaldada is additionally also paying his dues to Nature by watering 40 trees regularly.

In the Fight For Freedom, Vinoba Bhave's Peace Core had shown a new direction to many many youths. Inspired by the work of this Peace Army, Gopalbhai Patel from Unjha had resigned from his job as a teacher and got into serving the people. Currently 86 year old Gopaldada is working like a ONE Man Army . For last 4 decades he has been nurturing trees around the reservoir in Unjha all by himself and as a result over 200 trees are flourishing here. Currently he is drawing water from the reservoir regularly and watering over 40 trees behind the Police Station.

Inspired by the work of Late Sri Ishwarbhai Patel in the field of cleanliness and Gandhian Sri Narayanbhai Patel, Gopaldada is currently cleaning seven residential areas on a daily basis and in that sense, Gopaldada is fighting in the favour of people today also the same way he did against armed foces of British government in 1942.Translation coming soon! :)

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