What An Incredible Day!

Posted by Drishti Trivedi on Jan 27, 2017

What an incredible morning! Just wow! I am really amazed by the last morning of 2013. It’s a blessing to be able to spend this morning in such a beautiful way :)

We reached the nearby park at 7.15 am with thermos of chai and bottles of lemonade with us :) We sat on one bench and started filling up glasses slowly. At first people were really confused. Questions like what's going on here? who are you guys? what cause are you supporting? which brand are you promoting? started popping up. Initially our response was a simple “just like that; this is no brand promotion.” But slowly our response changed to “We made this tea with a lot of love just for you. The brand we are promoting is ‘love all’”! There was a complete change in people’s expressions after hearing our response! They were smiling and asking for more chai! We received innumerable blessings for the new year and the best gifts were the infinite smiles on the faces of those who took the chai and those who didn’t :)

Gradually we also started breaking in conversations with people. Lots of stories unfolded.

One girl came and asked what were we doing and when we explained to her; she was truly moved. Shraddha exchanged numbers with her and she is soon going to connect with us. She also took pictures of us offering tea to people in the park so that she could spread the word!

One uncle came and asked us if we were ready to listen to something he would to share. And we were all ears! He shared that since last 35 years he is in Akhand Anand (neverending joy). He has not seen a moment of sorrow in the last 35 years. And for that Akhand Aanand we need to be honest to ourselves. And also we should know that we are very pure souls and this prakruti (universe) is the one who is behind us. So whatever karma we do should be with pure intentions and we should know that whatever karma we do – good or bad – we sow the seeds in us (karmabeej). And we get the fruits of the karmabeej somewhere in our life. This is how this prakruti works . So to remain in Akhand Aanand we should do good karma :) and not think of its fruits. Forget the past, cherish the present and don’t think about future this is what he said in the end. He says that if you don’t like forget it , if you like implement it . I am just here doing what prakruti wants me to do :)

Then we met a group of elderly men :) They were amazing. They liked what we were doing so much that they started calling everyone in the park to see what we were doing and how much they loved it and they also joined us in offering chai to everyone :) that really touched our hearts. One uncle said “I have been walking in this park daily since last 14 years and it’s the first time something like this has happened J. I bless you all and thank you for spreading love the way you do :)” Also one uncle said that this was a perfect ending for 2013 and he thanked us for making 2013 more memorable and lovely :) Also many more people met us but they didn’t take chai and said sorry and said I am here to burn calories so I can’t take . One uncle said that people here are well to do and they don’t need it and we should rather give it to the poor. When we explained to him how we wanted to see the connection between all that is somehow missing today between us; he was quite amazed!

We offered chai to the juice wala uncle nearby and he offered us juices! He said “drink this sweet juice and spread more sweetness as you do.”

After 2 hours our tea was over and we were sitting on a bench when more people came asking for tea. We were both sad and happy. Sad because our tea was over; happy because people were coming and asking for tea! After some time we left from the park with lemonade and offered it to people working on the streets – cab driver, rickshaw driver, shopkeepers, strangers on the road, sweepers, tea vendors and newspaper vendors. We then entered a construction site and offered the lemonade to all the workers in there. We stayed on there for some time to talk with the workers. It was superb! J One of the guys said he was surprised that there is still kindness in our country. We were so touched and happy that God chose us to be an instrument to do small acts like these. We approached a rickshaw driver who took the lemonade and gave a huge smile saying that the tea earlier was also very good! J As he shared our story with his friends, we felt so satisfied with all the smiles and the silent blessing we received!

In the evening we went to Mc Donald's and tagged people with smile cards and ice-creams. Many asked us about the smile cards and we told them about kindspring! People were really confused and asked us “what are you guys upto?” J We then went on signals and stood there with posters. It was just amazing to see how people stopped at signal in their usual mood and how their faces broke into huge smiles after looking at the posters their mood changed :) Most of them asked about which NGO we were supporting and were surprised when we said no NGO. That widened the smiles even more :) It was again a great evening with so many smiles and blessings :) We also cleaned random cars and left smile cards behind.

We are so thankful that his birthday gave us these wonderful opportunity to make people around us smile :)​

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  • Harsh wrote ...

    Am simply inspired by all the amazing things you do. Sending you loads and loads of love.