The magic of a Smile Gathering!

Posted by Darpan, Bhumi, Shraddha, Drishti on Mar 24, 2014

Inspired by moved by love family we all found ourselves at a smile gathering on 26th of January. 30 friends shared this space with a pure intention of spreading love and kindness in the community everyone lives in.
The day started and with a gang of all young volunteers, the space was decorated so beautifully with flower rangolis with love and smiles on everyone's faces. With a small orientation circle by Bhumi Bhanushali the energy was boosted up :) It started with 15 minutes of silence followed by a sharing circle. Bhumi beautifully opens the circle by sharing her experiences of past 2years with kindness where initially she used to do it for fun and later found it a bit pressurized and she stopped herself there asking what was she doing here. Also she shares how ambition of life changed gradually from a life of earning name, fame and money to being a good human being :) Bhumi Mathuria shared the 1st turning point of her life when she was in a rickshaw and got pity on a man sitting on a footpath and after some time that man smiles at her and bless her by saying 'you are my grandchild, all the people waiting here at the signal are my grandchildren and I will pray to god for all of you'.Parth bhai shared how during the jagruti yatra he realised that the idea of doing some act of kindness is easy but just when you start doing it, you have so many questions and a fear. But when you actually do, you have so many amazing experiences and it feels so easy and awesome. He shared his experience of jagruti yatra where doing small acts of kindness led to changes within him :)Yog Sagar bhai shared how he practices acts of kindness on daily basis where he helps his mom, sweeps his house or gift a laddu regularly to person filling air in his car tyres. Jyoti shared that today also while doing acts of kindness she have jayesh bhai's words in mind "you never know where any one is inspired by the small act of kindness you do so just keep doing". Shraddha's dad shared how we all have an aim in life to earn money to get happiness but while earning we enter a trap and forget the aim of being happy. So we should work in the field that makes us happy. Darshan shared how every situation in our life is like a dot and a picture is formed when we join them. He further says that the number of lives you touch doesn’t depend on the number of people you know, as every person you know have his own world of people around him and when you know one person of that world you share your thoughts and ideas you indirectly touch the lives of whole circle. My mom shares that initially she was worried about our studies but now she believes that we enjoy these things and supports us to enjoy every moment and make them memorable. Bhumi and Shraddha's parents offered their gratitude to everyone and their daughters for this beautiful connection. And a young boy in the circle felt inspired to do acts of kindness so that he has something powerful to share next time he comes.

We concluded this wonderful circle of sharing with a video of acts of kindness that Bhumi and her friends did for their friend’s birthday. The video made the spirit of circle higher. Kunal being so inspired says that on my birthday I am going to do acts of kindness for whole day to add more value to my life.

In that high spirit with everyone talking about acts of kindness we all divided ourselves into groups and went on streets for actually experiencing the magic of acts of kindness :) 1st group went with lemonade made by love and offered to people on road and were happy to see smiles on everyone’s face:) 2nd group had some smileys and cards and offered to people, making them smile. They shared “it was so great to know that you are the reason of someone's smile :)”. They came across a group of old uncles with whom they interacted and offered smileys and the uncles in love brought a packet of sweet and offered all the people in group and all were moved by it :)3rd group had no materialistic things in their hand to connect with people and the acts of kindness they will do where not planned but actually random. The random acts of kindness team shared at the start they were pretty confused that what they can do when they didn’t have anything to connect but then as they proceeded they started picking up garbage on the streets, they put the stones lying in the middle of the road to a side. The universe gifted them a broom and they started cleaning bus stands, area in front of shops and temple. They also spend time with bunch of old uncles and ended up into conversation and how that uncle showed his trust on today’s youths and a hope in the new generation :) 4th group made sandwiches for all. They shared we all tried to make sandwiches with so much love that people could feel that love.
In deepest gratitude to moved by love family for inspiring all of us so much :)

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